The reality is that most of my readers are mothers. Most are probably young mothers. Young mothers with little time to savor a bath or soak in an hour of silence or indulge in a rose petal bath more than once in a decade. The fact is that many of us are lucky to get a shower every day! Our bathtub might sit there just calling out our names. Or it could be filled with laundry. This hectic pace that most of us keep is not going to suddenly go mystically silent. We may suddenly find ourselves frozen in time in a sea of laundry, arms outstretched, hypnotically holding a very unglamourous piece of clothing, mid-fold, dreaming of just a moment of serenity with a longing and wistful gaze plastered onto our faces. Life does not ever stop but Ginger’s Garden will be just the thing that will remind you of what none of your children will, “Don’t worry! The laundry will still be here when you get back… So will the children… So will the dishes… It’s okay to give yourself a break now and then!

When you see what I’ve seen at Ginger’s Garden you will be more determined than ever to allow yourself perhaps just a drop of self-indulgence now and then and escape! (Really! The world will continue spinning!)

Irena has some of the most enchanting scents in her collection! You will be swept away and probably will almost forget to return here to enter your comment (so I’m reminding you now, don’t forget!) you will be so enticed by her many and varied products! Ginger’s Garden will outfit you for the perfect at home spa experience. Between soy candles, lotions, lip balms, soaps and more you will be writing up an extensive wish list for birthdays, Christmases, Valentine’s Days, Mother’s Days and about any other day which you could milk for all it’s worth!

Blue Chamomile Creme

Irena has a beautiful story about how she came to be a soap maker. I was so enchanted by it that I really wanted to share the whole entire thing with you but for sake of your time, I’ll just give you a bit of a snippet here.

I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. I am a third generation Aromatherapist, herbalist, soap maker & toiletry maker.

As a child I remember grandma making soap outside in a big kettle over an open fire. The lye was made by pouring ashes over rain water which my grandma collected during the rainy season. When she had enough lye, she would suspend an egg to see if the lye was strong enough. If the egg sank, the lye was too strong. If the egg just barely floated on the top of the water, the lye wasn’t strong enough. But, if the egg submerged just half way, the lye was just right. She collected grease drippings in the kitchen in an empty coffee can. This soap was mostly used to wash laundry and dirty dishes. Our clothes were washed in a tin tub with a wooden washboard.

Both mom and grandma made lotions, potions and creams. I use to think that my family had magicians because to a child what they made was just magic. People would come to buy these things so they would get better. My mom’s kitchen was full of herbs drying upside down, secret jars full of steeping herbs or dark glass bottles filled with wonderful or “smelly” liquids. Since doctors were expensive, we made do with what we had.

Now that I’m grown up I’m following in their footsteps. Nowadays we have it easy. Different types of oils, butters, pre-made lye or fragrant oils are more readily available. I still think of magic when I make lotion with yellow or green oils & it comes out white, or when my soap comes to trace, so I can pour it in my mold.

And now onto my favorite scents! I’m always interested in the manly smelling soaps because, well… I like my man to smell manly. I know this sounds nuts but I would be forced to buy the beer soap. I can imagine it to be a very earthy and comforting smell. Irena assures us that your man will not actually smell of beer after washing with it! All of her soaps for men are not only very masculine scents, they just look rugged. And I recently heard on the news that NEWS FLASH: “manly men” are back in vogue. (If you ask me, I say, “When were they ever out?!”) *shrug*

I absolutely must have the orange sculpted flower soap. I love the smell of oranges. Heck, I love taking Vitamin C because it tastes so yummy! All of Irena’s sculpted flower soaps are just beautiful. I also really want to try the bamboo or honey body polish. Basically, there is nothing at Ginger’s Garden that I don’t find absolutely enticing. I think you might find the same to be true.

Citrus Sculpted Flower Soap


To enter this contest you really must go and visit Ginger’s Garden and then come back here and post which product(s) you most want to try. This contest is open until Friday, August 31st at 11:59 p.m. A winner will be chosen by way of random selection using a random number generator and will be announced early next week!

Also, though I do not require you to post anything on your own blog about my contest in order to win, I do these contests in order to draw attention to small business owners on the web so I would love it if you would spread the word so that these hard working women can get as much advertising as possible. Big name companies have t.v. and magazines and billboards. Small businesses have the blogosphere. Let’s make it work for them! Feel free to nab a button here to put in a post or in your sidebar this week!

69 thoughts on “CONTEST #6 Ginger's Garden

  1. liquid soap, candles and handmade soap…I love this site! And so many fragrances…almond is always a favorite with me! Champaca…Caribbean Coconut…I think I’m in love!!!!

  2. I’d love to try the Facial Mist, Daily Take, Refresh Me Facial Spray, Mint Lip Gloss, Baby Balm, Baby Soap, Soap Crayons, and Soap Styx.

  3. Oh the lemon sounds wonderful. How great are those sculpted soaps. I would never want to use them. grams-kelley at sbcglobal dot net

  4. The moment I saw those tiny little hand prints I knew I had to get the Baby Handmade Soap! How adorable.jean

  5. Another difficult one but I’d love to try the ‘Queen of hearts seasonal handmade soap’. I love the idea of fruit and floral scents (and the need to be treated as a queen!).

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