For once I actually can not believe I did not win Ree’s latest photo naming contest. This will teach me to not be so full of myself. I did however get my second honorable mention which ain’t too shabby. But still, I’m intolerably full of myself, I realize… but I totally think I should have won!

And do you think I’ve learned my lesson? Do you think I will stop participating in these shenanagens? Indeed No! This only strengthens my resolve!

Thanks Ree for another great contest. But sheesh… It will take me a while to find a happy place after this! ***sigh*** Gosh I love the blogosphere.

7 thoughts on “I can't believe it…

  1. Yours was very clever! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh, and I don’t think you’re being a poor sport at all!

  2. Nan, with two honarable mentions I’m sure you’ll win one someday. I loved your entry though.

  3. I always like my entries, but there’s usually one or two others I think are “it”. At least you’re “up there” Miss Nan :). When I saw yours, I grinned…I KNEW you liked it ;). We’ll keep trying, okay? And maybe, just maybe, one day, when I grow up, I’ll get a mention, too :/. 🙂

  4. Congrats on your honorable mention. I don’t even know why I participate. I can hardly ever think of anything clever. My mind goes blank when I start to type.Thanks for the visit to my site. We do visit the same great blogs.

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