I am going to just get right down to business this morning. I cannot wait to get some of my hands on some of the awesome soaps created by Lori at Country Scents. One of the things I love about Country Scents is the names of the soaps. They are all so creative and they really do just take you to another place! For when else would I have the occasion to say, Mornin‘ Y’all!” unless I was just imbibing the aroma of something that fits this description, “Olive Oil, Shea Butter and a creamy blend of citrus essential oils including Tangerine and Pink Grapefruit-an uplifting and cheery soap sure to start the day off right!” It sounds downright delicious!

Country Scents is “located in central Alabama near the banks of the infamous Cahaba River and nestled in the shadow of Birmingham which began as an industrial mining town in the 1800s. [Their] milk comes from a local farm of registered Nubian goats. Since 1999 [Country Scents] has been making handcrafted soap by cold process in small batches, striving to produce a quality soap, using the best possible ingredients.”

On a side note, have you ever seen how cute a Nubian goat is? If not, you do not know what you are missing. They are adorable. I love goats. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Here’s a cool little tidbit. Country Scents will actually create custom made soaps according to your exact specifications! How awesome is that? (Mininum orders may apply.)

So much to choose from. As for me, I have to try African Rooibos and Honeybush Tea. I LOVE Rooibos tea. This is a must for me. And how could I not get Alabama Fudge? I have a thing for chocolately smelling soaps. I couldn’t go without sampling some “Hi Y’all!”, Hummingbird Nectar and Lemon Fig. Okay… so there’s also no way that I would go without trying Grits and Butter. I lived in the south just long enough to come to enjoy this dish (well…. if I’m eating it I prefer cheese too… but not on my bod.) And could I possibly go without a little bit of Nan’s Diner?! I think not! Cotton Pickin’ also sounds very fresh and inviting. I adore the Southern names that so many of these soaps have.


To enter this contest you really must go and visit Country Scents then come back here and post which product(s) you most want to try. This contest is open until Monday, September 3rd at 11:59 p.m. A winner will be chosen by way of random selection using a random number generator and will be announced early next week!

Also, though I do not require you to post anything on your own blog about my contest in order to win, I do these contests in order to draw attention to small business owners on the web so I would love it if you would spread the word so that these hard working women can get as much advertising as possible. Big name companies have t.v. and magazines and billboards. Small businesses have the blogosphere. Let’s make it work for them! Feel free to nab a button here.

70 thoughts on “CONTEST #8 Country Scents

  1. Would have to try the grits, butter and salt. Double Mint, Hi Y’all, Tea Tree Oil, White Flowers & Musk all sound wonderful and I’d top it off with some Southern Fried Grease Milk Manicure!

  2. You mean I have to choose? This is my narrowed down list – honest! I’d love to try Alabama Fudge, Cedar Sage, Cotton Pickin, Southern Magnolia, White Flower & Musk, Mornin’ Y’all, or Black Eyed peas. Reading the names of these soaps brings back fond memories of growing up in Georgia.

  3. “Morning Y’all”. Before coffee, I’d probably believe my soap could talk. 😉 And there’s a cream that can smell like vanilla or coconut. If you can’t have the beach, bring the beach to you.

  4. Ok, this is tooo tempting. Um, Gulf Rain, Cotton picking and the creme with the shea butter… I can’t remember the name.

  5. So many of them sound good! I’d like to try the Mornin Y’all, Double Mint, and Alabama Fudge especially. The lip balm and the milk manicure look interesting too.

  6. The ones that sound yummiest to me are Magnolia, Cotton Picken, White Flowers & Musk, Tuberose and Rosemilk! Awesome selection!

  7. I am loving this contest-finding out about a business so close to me! 🙂 I would love to try some of the soap made especially for my face. And I would like to try the double mint handsoap.

  8. K, really, I want it all… But to choose a few, it would be:Lemon FigLily BugAlabama FudgeDouble MintCotton pickin

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