Well ladies, this week has been so much fun hasn’t it? I’ve really enjoyed letting you all know about just a few of the many great soapmakers, many of whom are momtrepreneurs, that are out there! I’ve learned a lot and am excited about what the microcosm known as the Blogosphere could mean for these small businesses! It’s an awesome opportunity we have to help them succeed and to, in turn, get great one of a kind products for ourselves!

For my last, but certainly not least, contest I am happy to lead you to a serene country place just drenched in homey goodness known as Miss Jenny’s Soap. Miss Jenny is a fellow homeschooling Mom of four boys so she has a special place in my heart! Miss Jenny is just one down home lady. Having made her first handmade soap at school in the fourth grade, she has always had a passion for old fashioned homemade goodies. So when she made the decision, brought on by a struggle with dry itchy skin, to start making homemade soap it just seemed the perfectly natural thing to do! And the perfectly natural thing to do too!

What will you find at Miss Jenny’s place? Oh, you’ll find lots of refreshing and comforting goodies that I’m sure you will want to buy a whole brick of! I think my husband might go for the cinnamon shaving soap. Miss Jenny, of course, has a Patchouli soap and I imagine many of you will just want to do back flips over it. I’ve never experienced Patchouli but having read many of the comments throughout the contest thus far, I now feel that I obviously haven’t lived since my nostrils have not yet been acquainted with this scent so I think I will have no choice but to try it out!

I really (really!) want the coffee hand soap. It’s supposed to be great for removing strong smells like garlic and onion. Plus, I just love coffee!

Miss Jenny has some very unique products. I love it that she resourcefully came up with the idea to make a citronella bug repellent soap for her boys to wash in before heading out into the great wide open to be otherwise eaten alive by bugs! What a clever idea. Another unique product that I haven’t seen yet this week is her shampoo bar and even a pet shampoo bar! I personally, have never used a bar shampoo but I have heard of others who absolutely will use nothing else. And well… I suppose I’m a bandwagon jumper because I am totally willing to give it a try! I also love the idea of pure olive oil soap.


To enter this contest you really must go and visit Miss Jenny’s Soap and then come back here and post which product(s) you most want to try. This contest is open until Monday, September 3rd at 11:59 p.m. A winner will be chosen by way of random selection using a random number generator and will be announced early next week!

**All contests from Monday through Thursday close tonight at 11:59 P.M. Today’s contests all run through Monday, September 3rd at 11:59 P.M. Winner’s for Monday through Thursday contests will be announced on Monday. And Monday’s winners will be announced next Tuesday.***

64 thoughts on “CONTEST #9 FINAL CONTEST! Miss Jenny's Soaps

  1. Ooooh, how do you pick just one? Ill narrow it down to Lavender, coffee, olive oil, and patchouli…. is that narrow enough? lol.

  2. Once again, it’s impossible to pick just one. The coffee, the lavendar and lemon, the spearmint, and the olive oil soaps look great, and I’d also like to try the peppermint and rosemary shampoo bar.

  3. OOOHH!! I’m not too late, am I?? I would LOVE to try the oatmeal and honey (goat’s milk). Sounds YUMMY!His, Mrs. U

  4. I LOVE ALL of Miss Jenny’s soaps. I am a soap maker too and started out after talking to Miss Jenny year’s ago. We can honestly say that the the cornmeal and tea tree soap is awesome for acne. We use it daily.

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