We just planted all of our plants this past May. Yes. ALL. We live in a fairly new subdivision where everything that is now planted in the ground has only been there for at most 3 years. When we moved into our house in May of 2006 the yard was nothing but a pile of dirt. So I have to give you the time lapse tour.

Here is the backyard just after we “broke ground” last year. No deck, no fence, no retaining wall, no nothin’. I didn’t have the foresight to take a before picture of the front yard then. But I can assure you it was likewise a pile of dirt, with a half singed tree in the front yard (singed because three houses burned to the ground right across the street from us — arson — about four days after we bought the house. Melted our siding and singed our tree.)

Here we go:

Here it is after building a retaining wall, half a fence and starting on the deck. (Please note, we had a TON of help from friends!! Couldn’t have done it without them.)

Here it is after we laid sod… we finished laying the last bit of sod during the first snowfall in October.
Here it is being planted by a bunch of our wonderful friends whom we paid in hamburgers, chips and soda and lots of thanks.
Here it is just after the planting and mulching and a nice spring rain.

And here we are now:

Along the back fence I have; one Phlox, 3 Clematis vines and lots and lots of Sweet Peas.

This thing wasn’t even visible in the before picture and now it is as tall as my husband!

This is our Hops vine. Started out about 3 inches tall!

Daisies, yellow flowers that are like Daisies but whose name I completely forget, Purple Cone Flowers, Dahlias, a Rose bush, Strawberries, a cherry tree, Geraniums, Day Lilies, Lilies, Lambs Ear, purple Irises…. I can’t remember everything… but I am loving my garden! I’ll be sad to see it go, for snow could be just around the corner. Two out of the four years we have lived here, the first snowfall has happened in the second week of September! I’m not ready to say goodbye to my flowers!!

In the front yard:

Before we planted

Just after planting


I love how things grow! I am going to go to Costco and buy a couple bags of bulbs in the next week or so. Tulips and Daffodils. Tulips are my favorite part of Spring. When winter can stretch into mid-April and usually makes one last appearance (in the form of a very large snow dump) in late May, Tulips popping up are the early signs that winter is about to lift and Spring is just around the corner. (Spring lasts all of a couple of weeks here…) All of this is really due to the loving hard work and planning of my dear friend of Garden Designs. She is amazing.

Oh and P.S. I will actually be posting winners TONIGHT! (I’m an idiot and forgot I will be away from the house on Monday morning!)

13 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. Nan, it looks absolutely wonderful! Great job.Can I pick on one thing? You’re in Canada now, Babe, and we don’t say soda. You can say pop. You can say soft drinks. 😉 lolWe were just in Myrtle Beach at a Chinese food buffet. The waitress (with a thick Chinese accent) asked what I’d like to drink. I asked, “Can I have pop?” She said no, then asked what I’d like to drink. “You don’t have pop?” No! I asked if she had Coke. Yes, she answered. Then I asked her what other drinks she had and she rhymed off a bunch of pop. It was too funny.Anyway, let me gush one more time on the a-w-e-s-o-m-e garden!Blessings. 🙂

  2. Great photos Nan! I love your flowers!I will have to stop back by after I get home from church tonight… our Special Monthly Meeting.. special singing and preaching with fellowship meal afterwards.

  3. And next summer you will have to be cutting and thinking of moving things because they will have grown so huge!!The yard looks great.

  4. I am very impressed! My garden doesn’t grow. I have brown – no black thumbs. I can’t keep anything alive so I spare the plants & leave them in the good hands of people like yourself. I think my problem is that plants are just too quiet. If they need water or sun or shade or have too much water or whatever their needs are they should speak up. Closed mouths don’t get fed or watered after all.

  5. Yay! I went and got the bulbs today. They always arrive just before Sept. 1st so I figured I better get there quick! People are bulb maniacs here so it’s always a bit of a rush to get them. Got them in the ground just after dinner tonight. I hope I didn’t plant too many of them upside down. I figured out about halfway through that I probably was doing the tulip bulbs too haphazardly… Oops. It’s my first time so I have an excuse right?!Oh and Rebecca, that is EXACTLY how I feel about indoor plants. I can’t keep them alive for anything. But somehow, if they are outside I do fine with them.

  6. Wow, Nan! You have done a fabulous job! And LOTS of work! I noticed, you even have a baby growing under your deck there by the Hops vine! ROFL

  7. beautiful! We have one of those tiny new subdivision backyards too. Nothing here is over 5 years old, and you can tell.

  8. good luck with the bulbsI put them in, they bloom, and then they get beat up and dug up etc as I put summer annuals in.I guess it is always a surprise to see if they come up and where they come up.wonderful to have friends to help

  9. Hi!I found your blog through a comment you left on mine ages ago… life is so crazy around here, I don’t get to answering comments much anymore, but wanted to say hello.Yes, we did live in Tuscany, but we just moved to silver springs this summer to be closer to our church and get more bedrooms for our growing family.Your blog looks great! ARe you a homeschooler too?

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