Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Highland Games in Canmore, Alberta. I love the bagpipes. I love kilts. I love it all. But let’s just get down to the feet of the matter shall we? (If you should like to really get in the feel of it, you may…)

More to come….

12 thoughts on “The Highland Games

  1. My daughter is a piper and I’ve gone with her band to several events. I have a picture of another piper with my daughter taken at our local zoo during Celtic Festival in a kilt with cowboy boots on. Too funny!

  2. I used to love to attend the Highland Festival in Abingdon, VA. It’s been a while since I’ve been

  3. Yes, Tara, I did! :^D Why I was obsessed with feet, I don’t know. I loved how some of them were showing the culture clash; converse and a kilt or Merrels and a kilt. LOTS more pictures to come!

  4. I enjoyed the foot perspective as well!!I was looking for the little dagger in the sock. Of course I”m sure they only are allowed plastic/rubber ones now in public performance

  5. Nan, I think that was really clever to do the foot pics! That is really cool. Wish I could have seen the dancers in person.

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