You remember Shrinky Dinks don’t you? So I was at Michael’s Arts & Crafts yesterday looking for a few items that I will be needing for some Christmas presents. (Yes, I know, I’m planning too far ahead.) Well, I didn’t find what I was looking for there BUT I did find SHRINKY DINKS!! And there is so much nostalgia wrapped up in just the name Shrinky dinks that I was forced to purchase a box of them.

I The kids had so much fun. Okay, so I shoved them out of the way and horded all of the colored pencils for myself asked them if I could join the fun and make a few myself. They said yes. Shrinky Dinks are an underestimated art form. Really, I think there ought to be gallery shows of Shrinky Dink art. Yesterday I made a celtic cross design for a key chain for my husband. It came out really nice and he attached it to his keychain right away. I tell you… there is nothing like making crafts for your husband. “Looky what I made in school today!! Look look look!”

After our lessons today everyone wanted to have another round of Shrinky Dinks fun. So I ran like the dickens to get to the box first hemmed and hawed and then reluctantly said okay.

Today my five year old made a bear:

I like him. He’s so colorful.

My seven year old decided he wanted to trace one from a picture of himself. Here’s the original:

And here is his very Picasso like rendering:
Well, this is not the first time that my child has given me a stellar idea. I could not pass up this opportunity. I had made my husband a keychain, but what about me?! I don’t got no stinkin’ keychain! The situation had to be remedied. So I used this picture:

and ended up with this:

But goodness… I couldn’t stop at that… I had to have my whole family on my keychain! So I started out with this:

And ended up with this… It actually didn’t come out as dark as it looks here… the lighting wasn’t just right so som of us look rather tan…

Go get yourself some Shrinky Dinks! I just found out you can purchase sheets that go through your printer so you don’t really have to go about the business of tracing and hand tinting your pictures… unless of course you want to!

Okay kids, art class is dismissed.

11 thoughts on “Shrinky Dinks

  1. If you search on shrinky dink on etsy, you’ll have your art gallery! 😉 That’s way cool how you did that photo!!Say – are you still doing jewelry this month for giveaways?

  2. I’m so jealous. Now I will have to have some on hand for the grandkids.Do they still smell like they are harmful to your lungs? (:

  3. i am at michael’s all the time…how have i missed these!?!and your family looks a bit more like it should be my family with that dark skin haha

  4. You just took me back almost 30 years! I had Shrinky Dinks when I was a tot! I loved them! I didn’t know they still were around. Now I can’t wait to get my children hooked on them.

  5. We like shrinky dinks, too. The kids had fun with this a while back, making earrings & such. We’ll have to get it out again!

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