(When House and Bones start up again I will watch those though…) But in the mean time since I don’t watch T.V. it’s essential that I find other ways to waste my time. Last night I discovered one of those ways.

I went and Simpsonized my whole family. You know… because we all must waste just a little time doing something totally frivolous every day. Right? (No? Oops.)

Here’s me:

And here’s my sexy (blue haired) man… his eyebrow scar isn’t really that big… but that’s the smallest scar they had in stock…:
Here is my oldes eating some watermelon and looking surprised:

Here is my mischievious five year old:

Here’s my third son, :

And here’s my “baby.”:

8 thoughts on “Because I don't really watch T.V.

  1. Props to you! I sat down to simpsonize myself and got so frustrated. I didn’t have the patience to see my cartoon self…more less do my family! Nice work.

  2. what fun! i’ll have to simpsonize my hubby… and how cute are you? it is always funny seeing pictures of bloggers – they’re not usually anything what you’d expect. not that i wouldn’t expect you to be cute. oh gosh. i’d better stop typing.

  3. I just popped over after seeing your comment at Donna’s Quiet Life blog. I have 5 boys myself between the ages of 15 and almost 5. By now I have learned to tune out a lot and have totally given up on a clean house.Now that I’m here, I see that we have much more in common… I too homeschool, am passionate about wasting time on the internet, and… while I do like Bones… am just possibly a bit too obsessed with House. Now I must go Simpsonize my family. Thanks for the tip.

  4. We should be honest with people . . .despite our cuteness, some days are more like the Itchy and Scratchy show.Thanks for your Marge-like calm (most of the time!)I have to watch my rage-ahol intake!your hubbie

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