I do. I love the little guys. I even loved the ridiculously annoying cartoon featuring three nighty wearing singing chipmunks. I grant you, that was an unfortunate side effect of loving everything rodentia. But honestly, there is nothing so cute as a chipmunk. If I could have one as a pet I would do it in a heartbeat. But I’m a good girl and never venture to touch the furry little vermin because I heed my mother’s warning to me as a child that it might carry diseases. So instead I take pictures.

The other day we were at a lake up in Kananaskis Country, enjoying the beauty of nature. Enjoying watching people fish. [The kids] Enjoying throwing rocks into the lake and probably ruining said fishing excursion. (Sorry Mister.)

As I walked the levy between the upper and lower lake I was greeted on the way by this very extroverted little fellow.

I tell you, he would not leave me alone. Perhaps he thought I was packing a baggy of acorns or something.

Perhaps his chipmunky senses were tingling and he just knew he was in the presence of a chipmunk lover and he felt he had to draw nearer. Maybe he was contemplating Einstein’s theory of relativity… it’s really hard to tell with Chipmunks you know. They are not wont to discuss their feelings. Very private critters they are.

I’m betting he really just thought I was going to give him a Cheeto. Look at the belly on him. Looks like he had many a Cheeto and McDonald’s french fry lobbed in his general direction. Or maybe Canadians are really good about not feeding the wildlife and he is just full of wild grown nutty goodness.

Anyways, he was too cute to ignore. And of course I had to share.

Tomorrow I will show you how termites are really just misunderstood artists.

11 thoughts on “I love chipmunks.

  1. I love chipmunks too! In fact, before my husband and I had our kids, we went camping once and a chipmunk came to our site everyday for a week. I named him Earl the chipmunk and took lots of pictures of him. My husband thought I was insane.In the years since my husband has learned that yes, I AM, in fact insane. And I still love chipmunks. And squirrels.

  2. Cute pictures!Nan, thanks SO much for the Shrinky Dinks idea…I’ve never heard of them before. My dd’s birthday party is today and the girls had a BALL making them. It kept them busy for SO long. I admit, I totally understand why you did them yourselves…FUN!!!

  3. Chipmunks! I haven’t seen them since leaving So Cali! They are SO much cuter than squirrels.Actually, we had one for a pet for a while. His name was Norman. He lived happily in a hampster cage and Dad would let him roam the house on occasion. He was always hibernating!

  4. Chipmunks are the sweetest things. Squirrels can be a bit evil – but I’ve never met a chipmunk I didn’t like.

  5. I can’t get over the first picture – absolutely breath taking. I can not believe you have that beauty to look at all the time. Amazing…

  6. Awww, so cute! I love chipmunks too. When hubby and I were first dating, we took a trip with his dad out west to visit graduate schools — while meandering. One place we stopped was a rest area at a Continental Divide. There were chipmunks everywhere. I got a jar of sunflower nuts out and laid a path — right to my hand, which was filled with them. I sat very still on a rock while one greedy little guy stuffed his face. He came and sat in my hand stuffing for his very life, while I took a finger and stroked his head and back. It was amazing! We have some pictures of it too (before digital and zoom for us though). I have since held a real fondness for them! melissa

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