The driftwood was so enchanting with all of it’s smoothly jutting branches. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I love these tree stumps with root systems still in place. There is something ghostly and sinister about them, though still they are enchanting works of art carved out by nature.

But the one that was carved out by the termites was by far the most intriguing. We found it lying there with the interior of the log exposed. My friend loved it so much she wanted to take it home with her. I don’t know if she was successful at convincing anyone to help her get it into the car.

The entire middle was carved out like a wooden canoe. But the termites I suppose don’t have a taste for knot holes, perhaps they are too tough, because they left all those behind.

I just think this looks like the work of an artist (or several thousand artists) as opposed to an evil house ingesting demolition team.

8 thoughts on “Termites: Misunderstood artists

  1. What wonderful photos. I wouldn’t have thought twice about looking at that, but next time I’ll have to be more open-minded about what all is around me…

  2. have you ever been outside during a termite migration? wild.I’ve not seen their artistry like this before. It is nice enough to use as art.

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