This week has been one of those weeks that, were it to be printed on a piece of graph paper, looks mostly like a trough. I realize the waves are perpetual and that there are as many peaks as there are troughs but this has definitely been a trough week. It culminated in a family outing gone bad yesterday and an ER visit at 2 in the morning with a croupy three year old who woke sounding much like an angry donkey. He is doing much better today and I feel we, as a family, are possibly about to crest a wave once again. I look forward to being out of the trough.

Though my spirit can be tampered with during weeks like these, my sense of humor is never ever gone. What would I do if it was? I shudder to think of it. My kids and I pulled out the comics we have made using Comic Life, which came pre-installed in our computer, using our own pictures. This is always something that is good for a nice restorative belly laugh. So I decided that I needed to pass along some of the laughs. I normally have the kids’ actual names in these stories but have changed them for public consumption.

I hope you get a good laugh out of some of these. As always, click to enlarge. This should provide you with a good 10 to 15 minutes of wasted time! We all need our daily supplement of that.





6 thoughts on “The weight of motherhood is sometimes very heavy…

  1. I hope that this week has more peaks for you & your family. I’m glad your son is doing better, poor baby. (I know he’s not a baby but when they don’t feel good they really are right?) Those are fun looking comics!

  2. Oh, I like triple’heart’ your benevolent spirit and your sense of humor because I would have been a whimpering puddle. Kudos

  3. Hey Nan, Sorry about your little one. Hope he feels better soon! You’ve been posting some really cool pictures! I haven’t been blogging…very busy week. Loved the comics, too!Talk to you soon!Corrie

  4. that’s a lot of work! you’re so creative!i hope your guys are getting better,so they can use the new kaboost you won them!congratulations! you won my kaboost giveaway!please email me your mailing address tomodmommy@ gmail dot com

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