So, yesterday we decided to say adios to our cable t.v.

I’ve compiled a list of things I will and won’t miss:


  • The fact that no one who works in a t.v. show hospital happens to also be in a healthy monogamous marriage, in which they are truly happy and not constantly thinking of doing naughty things with their bosses or underlings.
  • Ord. I can’t stand this guy. He is the most annoying cartoon character ever. At least he’s right up there.
  • Noneducational “educational” T.V.
  • Feminine protection, Erectile dysfunction fixers and menopause related commercials during family programming.
  • Painfully long lists of dastardly possible side effects of medicines that are meant to cure problems less problematic than the problems caused by the problem fixer itself.
  • Roman. I mean, I never really missed him. I never paid attention to whether he was dead or alive and everyone knows that Roman is never really dead… he just gets really bad amnesia every couple of years and remembers that he’s not really Roman at all. Right? (And I never watched Soap operas… but just wanted to make sure you all knew that I would not miss Roman.)
  • Oprah. I’m sorry. I may be a strange woman but I never cared for Oprah. I’m always annoyed with her magazine. Who makes a magazine on which they are the cover girl every. single. month?!


  • Gilmore Girls. But I was going to miss them anyways because the series ended last Spring.
  • Electronic babysitter. I confess, it really did work for this now and then.
  • House (even considering the fact that nobody seems to be happily ensconced in a healthy monogamous marital relationship.) I love that show. But this problem is solved by the fact that we have a friend who records it every week! HA HA!! Found my way around that problem.
  • Bones. But hey, I can rent the season DVD when it’s all over.
  • Jakers! The Adventures of Piggly Winks. Possibly the cutest cartoon ever about a mischievous piggy living in Ireland.

We can be very impulsive sometimes. Honestly, getting cable in the first place was quite impulsive (We’ve had it for less than two years.) I’m very glad we decided to say goodbye to it. Even yesterday and the fact that the kids were not competing for volume with the t.v. made us glad. So, 24 hours into it, we are feeling great about our decision.

All of this really came about because my seven year old recently said at random, “I want to give t.v. up for a week.” He then quickly followed it up with, “No, I want to give it up for two weeks.” I told him that was a very good idea and that maybe we should all do it. I asked him why and he repeated my own mantra back to me, “When I watch it I can feel my brain turning to mush.” My husband and I went to bed and discussed it and decided that the kid was truly onto something that we had always strongly held to until 2 years ago when we decided to get cable.

So last night, because along with our t.v. our internet was also temporarily cut off as well, I didn’t spend any of my time blogging or reading message boards. I did however still log some screen time. In memorium of the day we said goodbye to cable t.v., I created a slideshow/movie! (Oh, the irony!) While my husband was recently watching t.v. I turned my computer towards him and used my Photobooth effects to take some really funny pictures of him. He told me I was allowed to post them, showing how watching t.v. made us feel… gives us a warped view of reality and makes us sometimes feel as if our heads are shrinking by the minute. I interspersed pictures of all sorts of good stuff that happens with the t.v. off! Be sure to ask me how we are surviving the change in the coming weeks! (Be warned… this “video” is of low quality! LOL! I’m not a professional in any way and have no hope of ever being one!)

Music: Birdhouse in Your Soul
By: They Might Be Giants
Chosen because: I found certain lines reminded me of the addiction and the love/hate relationship that t.v. can be, “My story’s infinite…. it doesn’t rest…” “I’m your little friend. I’m not your only friend but I’m a little glowing friend but really I’m not actually your friend but I am…” SO, I don’t think the sound is going to work at all but if you know this song, then you can sing along. ;^P

15 thoughts on “R.I.P. Mr. T.V.

  1. Hey – way to go! We gave up our cable three years ago. Once you’re away from it for a while you find all those commercials to be totally lewd. I have fallen victim to Netflix, however. Love it. But I get to pick what movie I want and there are no commercials. And yes, there are whole seasons you can watch on DVD so you’ve got an answer to that problem. Although you’ll end up staying up late cause the next episode is just right there and then you’ll have to wait a whole year to find out what happens if there is some sort of cliff hanger 🙂 I know this all too well. I’m comtemplating just waiting until the end of the series and then getting the DVD. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m not very patient. I still use videos to babysit and I’m having a hard time breaking that habit so….

  2. Hey, way to go Nan!!! I would love to get rid of cable, but not sure hubbys ready. Those comercials you we’re talking about are down right sick!!! Any way, Good Luck!Lee Ann

  3. Good for you guys Nan. I have often wanted to give it up because there is nothing worth watching on. Not to mention that it costs money to watch that junk. But my husband flat out refuses to give it up. All I can try and do is keep it turned off as much as possible.

  4. Okay. I’m scared for you. I don’t know what I would do and that should tell you that yes I have a problem. Keep us posted (not just the good stuff please).

  5. We haven’t had cable for years – BUT we still get the basic channels, which includes PBS – so, my kids still get to see Jakers.and you think ORD is annoying? Come on – Wheezy is the worst.(but, I think 2010 all basic stuff ends due to them switching to digital)

  6. OK – I knew I loved you – but the fact that you picked “We Might Be Giants” for your video seals it. The kids and I love them.I’m the cable addict here. We did not have it the first 12 years we were married. Definitely benefited the kids. They have shows they like now, but they’re totally not addicted to tv. Good luck – enjoy your tv time. Please email if you want updates about drug side-effects or erectile dysfunction. 😉 LOL

  7. Good for you. It really is a time sucker and brain musher. My DH & sons could never live without the sports (so they say). Me… I would miss the babysitting aspect. Oh, and of course, House. That would be the deal breaker right there! So glad you have a “connection” for that one!

  8. i say everything in moderation. watching tv doesn’t make you evil. people can spend just as much time doing other meaningless things. like spending time on the internet, gossiping, writing blogs, and watching, reading or consuming other forms of entertainment. anything that distracts you from what’s important is what is the problem. i could never give up cable (well cause number one i’m a producer of cable tv) BUT the main reason is really…only…mainly.. TRASH is on network television. cable actually allows better voices and more meaningful television. AND REMEMBER LIKE MY PROFESSOR USED TO SAY YOU CAN ALWAYS TURN IT OFF.

  9. Juls! I hope I didn’t make ya mad! Watching T.V. definitely doesn’t make a person evil! Goodness, I grew up on T.V. and we have actually really loved having cable for some of the *truly* educational stuff that we have seen. And we actually don’t even get network television without cable (it just comes in as a snowstorm and as you pointed out, it’s not even worth the effort because it’s crap.) It’s certainly true that just about anything can be a time sucker and a time waster and an addiction. And I know that a lot of people have a great deal of self control and can be very balanced with their time. We just found that we did not have that kind of self control. T.V. is not the evil thing necessarily (though certain aspects of it could be argued as so I think), we are the ones with the lack of self control. Your all caps makes me feel as though you are yelling at me. :^( I can stand the idea of making a raondom passing stranger a little miffed at me by something I confess or write about here but not a dear real life friend. I hope you are not angry at me.In this whole thing of us quitting cable, I haven’t meant to suggest that t.v. as a whole is evil and especially not those who watch it. Just that we were losing out on any opportunities we had at relating because we were so exhausted at the end of the day that my husband would turn on the t.v. and I would turn on my computer and we would zone out into our separate worlds. So as a result of giving it up we are already seeing that we are relating more… I am not turning on the computer as much, we are having real conversations (with children in the home these are not always easy to come by in the daylight hours). Again, some people are very balanced by nature. I’m jealous of them! Some, like us, have to totally remove the temptation because it is so strong a force!I love you and I respect what you do! That has never been untrue!

  10. We haven’t had cable since we got married…..almost ten years now. At first it was because we were broke, then it was because we had kids.However network TV shows a lot of the shows you mention…so it’s not really better…though we don’t have to worry about MTV gyrations being happened upon by the boys, so that’s a relief.Good luck with your venture!I know it’s hard.

  11. We have not had cable since getting married 5 years ago. Really I don’t miss it. I much rather listen to the radio anyway.

  12. Good for you! We don’t have cable either, and we do get CBC on network TV and my kids are addicted to lots of those shows…but it’s been unplugged since last January! We moved the TV down to the basement and only fuzz comes in there. If we plug the cable into the cable outlet – without paying for cable – the network channels come in a bit better. Anyway, we haven’t had to hear either Wheezy or Ord in months and months and their annoying whines are STILL ringing in my ears! I do let them watch videos, though, I aim for one thing a day, or an hour at most. We too are not good at moderation! But tonight I’m REALLY in the mood for a good veg so I think I’ll run out to Blockbuster and get hubby to put the kids to bed. Ciao!

  13. nan! i wasn’t mad! just on my usual TV rant. sorry i led you astray. 😦 in high school, the dishwasher and TV broke. we couldn’t afford both so my parents announced they were getting a new dishwasher instead of a TV. they said they weren’t sure how long it would be. we didn’t get a TV for about a year after that. i just remember reading a lot, i mean a whole a lot. i don’t think i’ll ever go without a TV again. although i would CERTAINLY pick a dishwasher over a TV just like the wise decision of my parents. could you imagine not having that fine piece of technology?

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