Check out this Australian Cupcake making blogger! Her cupcakes are nothing short of splendorous! Really. And I never ever use that word in real life (just so you know.) I want to eat her blog, it all looks so good. Seriously, if it were feasible I think I’d host a cupcake giveaway (and then I would of course enter the contest myself… HA!)

So I insist that you go and check out Cupcaketastic right now. Or if you want to just ogle and drool over her enormous collection of cupcake photos on Flickr hit up her Cupcaketastic photo set there.

4 thoughts on “You have to look at this….

  1. Yum! The rhubarb and white chocolate cupcakes sound extra yummy! Unfortunately, rhubarb is hard to come by in the South. Almost $6/lb!

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