Okay, so it wasn’t just pocket change. It was junk drawer change. And in Canada change can mean anything from a penny on up to a tooney ($2 coin). But even so, we had fun with our junk drawer change today.

The kids are still sick, crouping the weekend away. But Mom and Dad needed to get out of the house for a bit and somehow enjoy the nice weather because, this being Canada and this being September, we are well aware of how few really nice days we have left. So we decided to go garage saling. The kids all piled in the car and didn’t mind tooling around our neighborhood at all. And why should they? They got some sweet stuff out of the deal!

Some of the stuff we got…

A castle, complete with knights, a canon and canon balls, etc.

Four different playdoh “factory” type things.

Lite Brite!
(Can we say “live your childhood again, vicariously through your children?”)

And my personal favorite item of the day:
Felt ABC pockets
I just love all of the little secrets in each pocket.
They are just charming.

A vintage art-deco style tea cloth in perfect condition

This beautiful fired piece of crockery.
I love it. I think it’s my new favorite.

I also found some items for a friend who is expecting, some Usborne and Scholastic books, and a Calvin and Hobbes book. My husband found a couple of philosophy and economy books that are right up his alley.) It’s amazing what you can do with junk drawer change!

So, do you love a good garage sale? What are some of the bargains you are proudest of?

(Actually, this just in, hubby has taken the “baby” to the ER and they have ordered chest x-rays because his croup should really have gone away by now… he’s had it since Monday. Pray for all my little guys [and my big guy who’s had bronchitis for over a month] to get better if you think of it!)

12 thoughts on “Pocket change fun…

  1. Looks like you got some great deals!!Hope your guys are feeling better soon!!I love going to yard sales. The World’s Longest Yard Sale travels through the area I live in the first weekend of August every year. Talk about yard sales and deals! Oh my!

  2. I love yardsales. Looks like you got some great stuff!I hope your littlest one will be better soon and that the rest of your family will also get over your illness. Hang in there!

  3. That is some great stuff! I didn’t find anything that good at the garage sales I hit today. That castle is great! My mom picked up a grey one like it for my son off of craigslist for $8.00.

  4. Awww, prayers for Coop…I hope he’s better soon.I see you are another Calvin and Hobbes fan? 😀 I LOVE Calvin! I got my older two hooked on them, too. My DD asked for the Complete Works (hardcover set) last year for Christmas and got them from my MIL. Good, intellectual reading there, I tell ya’! RoFL

  5. Years ago my husband had to take one of our young sons to the ER one night with bad croup. They gave him a breathing treatment and some steroids. He recovered very quickly. I’ll pray for your little guy.As for Lite Brite… I think I’ve played with ours way more than my sons have. Tell your son that my 5 yo loves his dinosaur!

  6. We’ve had croup too, I dread that croupy cough sound! And it keeps coming back, every time Kenan gets sick he wheezes and barks and I cringe… I’ll pray for you all.

  7. Nan, How fun! I’m remembering the days when we used to raid your parents’ change to go to Taco Bell!!! Hope everyone gets better! Praying for you guys,Corrie

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