Bad Sheep! Congratulations Bad Sheep! E-mail me with your mailing address and I will send you your only slightly used and much coveted award! :^D Fletch came in a very close second! Bad Sheep was able to pull off the win by acquiring 3 out of the 4 extra credit points despite getting three answers wrong. So Bad Sheep managed to land a perfect 15/15!

I must say, everyone did better than I expected! Thanks for playing. What fun.

Here are all the original questions and answers just for those of you who got an unscratchable brain itch from the ones that never came to you.

1.) What do all of these individuals have in common?

– Gordon Shumway (Alf‘s Melmacian given name)
– Mork (from Ork who, for you Fletch, got his start on Happy Days)
– Evie Ethel Garland (She was really Out of This World!)
– Sally Solomon (The very tall lady with close connections to the Big Giant Head on Third Rock from the Sun)

– They are all aliens (or part alien)

2.) What mid-90’s sitcom was supposed to be the “new Brady Bunch?”

– Step by Step – The Mom’s (Suzanne Somers) name was even Carol!

3.) Does the name Zack Morris ring a bell? What show did he star on?

– Saved by the Bell

4.) The pre-cursor to the answer to #3 starred a former Disney child star. Who was it? And for an extra point, what was that show called?

– Haley Mills in Good Morning Miss Bliss

5.) If you grew up on T.V. in the 80’s you knew Tom Selleck as __________________.

– Thomas Magnum on Magnum P.I.

6.) If you grew up on T.V. in the 80’s you knew David Hasselhoff as _____________________.

– Michael Knight on Knight Rider

7.) What show featured a male nanny?

– Charles in Charge

8.) The male nanny had a best friend. On what show did he previously play the role of a reckless but loveable youth? For an extra point tell me the name of his more recent super hero alter ego.

– Tommy Bradford in Eight is Enough
– Bible Man (Please do not take the inclusion of this fact as my support of this super (har har) cheesy piece of cinematography!)

9.) Snappy, Grouchy, Farmer and Vanity were all what?

– Smurfs

10.) What gave the magical woodland dwelling bears their special power?

– Gummiberry Juice

11.) Name all the members of the Jetson family.

– George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Astro (and Rosy)

12.) Name the very cheesy 80’s sitcom which most resembled the story of Pinnochio. Extra point if you can tell me the main character’s screen name.

– Small Wonder (VICI or Vicky)

13.) Name the two shows from the early 80’s that starred shorter than average African American little boys living in “white” homes.

– Webster and Diff’rent Strokes

14.) Name the show on which the Olsen twins got their first taste of fame. Extra point if you can tell me why they got the job in the first place.

– Full House – because they were the only twins to not cry at the audition.

15.) Name the show in which a portly man was the family butler but acted more like the family psychologist.

– Mr. Belvedere

My favorite answer from all of these had to be Fletch’s in response to the Gummiberry Juice question. he said, “Do you mean the CareBears? As in I don’t “care” about these lame bears? I assume the magical powers came from a terrific marketing team with geniuses from Harvard or Oxford or something…because they were so lame…they should never have made it beyond having their likeness placed on bibs or Huggies diapers…”

4 thoughts on “And the winner is….. (drumroll please)

  1. did you know (ref to no. 15) that there was another one.. Family Affair in the sixties Sebastion Cabot played the butler.”mr french”it was a wonderful show

  2. That Smurfs question had me baffled for a long time.Mr. Belvedere was awesome. Bob Uecker was awesome on that show. I thought the mother was not the best of TV Moms though….

  3. When I saw the quiz, I thought I only knew about 3-4 answers…but now that the answers are there I remember ALL of it – even the horrible cheesy sitcom Small Wonder. (that was a bad show)

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