It appears as though I need to upgrade to Pro today! (With my photobucket history, I am actually considering it! Sheesh!) Sorry about all the ugly banners. I will try to fix as many as I can but I don’t have time to fix them all.

In other news, several of my internet buddies out there in blogland have awarded me with the sweet “Nice Matters Award.”

Here it is:

I have a problem though, I think I’ve seen every one I know out there having already received this award. So, who to give it to? Also, I have to admit… I decided to give the award that I would pass on a little bit of a makeover…. Here’s the one I’m passing on…

So, I know that lots of people have already received and passed on this award. But I suppose they won’t mind receiving it again! :^D

I pass it on to the following folks:

Corrie. Corrie is one of my dearest lifetime friends. And she is feeling a little low today. Go and give her some encouragement if you get a chance. She is hilariously funny, thoughtful, insightful and wise.

Kim. Kim is such a sweet woman. She openly welcomed us to come to her place during our drive through her neck of the woods on the way back from California. Unfortunately plans got shuffled around and we were not able to meet in person as we had hoped. Fortunately we know we will be driving through there again so I do believe we will eventually get to meet each other.

Leah. Leah is funny, creative and a spiritual encouragement on her blog. It was so fun running into Leah for the first time in blogland because she just so happens to be an “old” (you are NOT old!) college friend of my hubby’s! I almost fell out of my chair when I first got a comment from her on my blog I was so surprised to have made this connection! I’m quite sure we would be good friends if we met in real life!

Amy. Amy is hysterical. She is also extremely thoughtful. Amy is the soapmaker who sent me a basketful of sudzy goodies last Winter when I was suffering with a great deal of stress and perpetual headaches. I will never forget her kindness to me in that time.

Cyndi. Cyndi once prayed for me during the worst time of family sickness to date. My husband was out of town and all four of my children woke up in the middle of the night violently vomiting, literally within minutes of each other. This happened all night and all the next day. The laundry and the smell and the work was beyond what anyone could really handle I think. Not to mention I had very conveniently run out of laundry detergent. Go figure. Cyndi prayed that God would send someone to minister to me. At the time I had had a piece of furniture advertised online for which no one had called. Then the afternoon after Cyndi prayed for me, a woman called for the furniture. I told her she was welcomed to come and pick it up but that I would have to leave it on the porch… she did *not* want to come inside. I think I almost cried on the phone with the poor woman. She offered to pick something up for me at the grocery store. I said that wasn’t necessary but what I really needed was laundry detergent. She brought me what was left of her own! This was the clearest and most immediate answer to prayer I think I’ve personally experienced to this day! Okay… and besides all that, Cyndi really is just NICE! I very much wish I could meet her (and her dear friend Ree) in person!

So there is my list. Thanks to the folks who have given me this award! Your thoughtfulness means a lot to me!

4 thoughts on “Oh dear…

  1. Hey Nan! Thanks a bunch! I am feeling a little better now…sniff sniff.Hope you are having a great weekend! I don’t remember the story about the laundry detergent! Wow! So cool!Hug the fam…Oh, I’m burning up down here. Send some of those mini-flurries my way, please!!Love,Corrie

  2. Nancy, When I was teaching regrouping, I would sometimes start with money. Kids understand money, and you can use change to a manipulative. For example 92 cents minus 58 cents. They can they can borrow a dime and exchange it for 10 pennies. It might help make the concept sink in.Lynn

  3. Well thank you Nan! I’m so sorry we didn’t get to meet this summer. I KNOW we will on one of your trips, or maybe even if we head up that way. Good luck with the regrouping, I’m praying for ya, it can be so frustrating. You’re amazing, keep up the good work.HUGS,Kim

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