I love three year old songs. I love how tuneless and endless they are. I love how the three year old’s thoughts can come out so unrhymingly poetic.

The one I just heard was, “I like heaven becaaaauuuaaause there’s no puking in heaeaeaeaveeeeen. And not hachooing. And no sneezing. And no coughing. And no crying. And no being saaaaaaaaad.”

Now he’s singing, “Soldiers are not extinct yet. Or horses or whaaaaaales. Super T isn’t extinct yet eitherrrrrrr. And Mr. Incredibbbbbbllllleee…. I love you Mom. I love you all. I love everyboddddyyyyyy in my famileeeeee every daaaaaayyyyy. Super T movie is not real but the movie is not real. Or it’s getting maked or it’s made already or their putting it on the case buuuuuut it’s already mixed up with Super T and Super Woofy. Super Woofy is my favorite movie…. Bubble gum is my favorite. You will die if you eat my bubble gumm… (blows fake bubble gum) You will die with my bubble gum. Because POP. It will go in your eyes and then you will die. I’m done with my picture. I’m not done with my picture but it’s already dooooone but I’m gonna make another one because it’s so fun to do maaaaarkers. I always need it because it’s a pokey fing that I need to be next to someday.”

Goodness. I don’t like where it takes me when I try to psychoanalyze the songs of a three year old.

7 thoughts on “Cute three year old songs…

  1. This made me laugh…and believe me, I needed to laugh.The only song my two year old knows well enough to hum is the Imperial Death March from Star Wars. This is always fun at church when the nice elderly ladies in the nursury ask me what that sweet song is that he is humming.

  2. You need to get it on audio! My Mom surreptitiously made a cassette recording of a rockin’ song that my sister and I made up, and we loved listening to ourselves.

  3. My 4-year-old nephew W:”I’ve got a river of life flowin’ out of memakes the lame to walk and blind to seeopens prison doors sets the CAPTAINS freeI’ve got a river of life flowing out of me…”

  4. Here’s RePete’s latest (he’s also 3):(throat clearing)”chocolate power, basey baseball”I don’t analyze these things.

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