Today, after conquering the beast of regrouping with 10’s and 100’s places, we decided to go on a nature hike. And do you think I was going to be caught dead or alive without my Nikon D80? I think not. It was a beautiful day for a hike. Breezy but warmish. I decided that this was the perfect time to take some pictures of my boys. I’ve been planning to take pictures of them surrounded by Fall foliage so this was the perfect opportunity for it.

This is my baby. He’s going to be two in the early part of October. I can’t believe how fast these two years have gone. It really seems like only yesterday that he was in the NICU.

C by the stream 3

C portrait smile at Dad

C portrait smile at camera

C portrait on rock

Here’s my little guy who is coming up on his fourth birthday… you know, the singer…

Tr tree 3

Tr contemplative

Tr portrait no hoody c/u smile

Tr portrait hoody2 c/u

Here is my five year old. I’m really happy with these as he is often difficult to photograph due to the fact that he is a total ham and often “cheeses it up” for the camera.

T portrait

T by stream Sepia

T touching water matted

T on the walkway

Here is my oldest. Initially he did not want his picture taken. He insisted on sulking or making ridiculous faces. But I eventually got a couple of nice natural smiles out of him…

B portrait 1

B landscape portrait

B portrait smile

B looks back portrait

It feels good to have a photo day like today after the mini-fiasco on Saturday (trust me when I tell you that I posted pretty much ALL of the decent photos from that day… and I took well over 100!)

Here are a few shots of all of my boys together…

Sitting on buffalo 2




and one of the three oldest together…


Tomorrow I’m going to show you some of the things we saw while on our nature hike.

20 thoughts on “Portrait Photography: Try #2

  1. Nan those are great. Your boys are beautiful but your pictures just show that off. Much better than what you would get at any discount photo studio. Well where’s the step by step lesson of what settings you used and what you did in photoshop?

  2. You have the same camera my husband has! You took beautiful photos!BTW, I am going to be hosting a book promotion/contest/charity event on my blog starting on Monday. Be sure to stop by:)

  3. Nan, Beautiful! Really stunning photos. The colors are beautiful, and the fact your subjects are gorgeous sure doesn’t hurt! 😉 Call me when you’re in the Midwest US. I have some boybarians that would make excellent test subjects and a true test in taking pictures of ever-moving objects. Ha!

  4. OHHHHH! Too precious! I think that the second-to-last-one is my favorite! Wish my four would cooperate so I could get a group shot of them.

  5. Thank you all for all your encouragement!! I needed the boost this week!Queen of my Domain. On several of those shots I did have it on the portrait feature… however for the group shots and for most of the ones down by the stream, I shot them from a distance with my 70-300 Nikkor lens using just the regular Auto focus. I don’t have photoshop but I do have iPhoto which only has very basic editing tools. I boosted the color ever so slightly in a couple of them and I used the blur edge feature on a couple of them. Then as you can tell I used the B&W or Sepia feature for a handful as well — I use that when I didn’t get the exact amount of clarity that I wanted and it seems to mask the imperfections a little bit better than full color does.Oh and Boybarian Mom, I’d take your kids’ pictures in a heartbeat. They appear to be so very photogenic! And my boys aren’t known to stand still for longer than 10 seconds at a time either! LOL

  6. Great pictures…I’m wanting a new camera for Christmas…I’m definately going to check out the Nikon website now!

  7. Nan-those pics are soooooo great. I can’t wait to get a new camera. We take our own family shots too. Going to studios is a disaster for 2 reasons: I also have sons and we are not dressy people. My favorite family pictures were taken at the beach and we were all in jeans and navy turtlenecks. Absolutely us!

  8. I don’t know why I originally thought you had a Nikon D40. I’ve put a lot of work into some big websites lately, and I’ve about convinced my husband that when I get paid it’s time to upgrade my camera. What kind of lens is your favorite for the D80? There are different camera/lens sets on ebay that I’m looking at. Thanks for any advice!

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