That’s what my five year old calls our little local nature preserve. The Rooveen. It’s a beautiful ravine where we can enjoy the serenity of a little bit of nature just a short 15 minute walk from our house. Wild flowers. Birds. An ocassional cougar… thankfully we haven’t seen one of those yet! So after taking the kids pictures, the children explored the plants and sticks and rocks that are so plentiful down in the ravine and along the walking path just above it. It’s called:
12 Mile Coulee

Some of the things we saw…

This butterfly. I love how the pink around the edges of its wings shimmer in the sunlight…

His friend, the bee, whom, oddly enough I didn’t even notice on the flower until I got home and saw this picture on the computer. Talk about being super observant eh?

These pretty white (and I’m sure poisonous) berries. Heck if I know what they are called… I’m sure my botanist genius friend, Ina, knows exactly what they are called… in Latin!
White berries

I loved this plant. Ina said it was called an Anemone…
wild flowers in seed2

There is a happy little stream (do I sound like Bob Ross? That’s what I’m going for here, people…) that laughs its way along down in the base of the ravine. The kids love to throw rocks in it and pick sticks out of it. My kids have a stick and rock fetish (all you moms of boys, I’m sure, know just what I’m talking about!)
close up of leaves in stream

“Oooohhh! More rocks and sticks! Can we take them home Mom?!”
Checking out stuff on the path

The wild rose hips are just bursting with color. I love how vibrant they are amongst all of the fading colors of Fall. If you click on this one and then choose to see the larger version of it, you can see a tiny spider on it. Again… something your Oh so observant hostess here at LILALB didn’t even notice until seeing it on her computer screen…
red plant/spider 1
Red plant 4

I’m sure these seeds are just aching to make their way to my lawn so that they can settle there to hibernate for the winter and then spring up into something prickly in the Spring.

wild flowers in seed
From a high point on the walkway above the Ravine one gets a nice view of our local Olympic Ski park. (Doesn’t everyone have one of these?) This by the way, is also (just a slightly larger view of) what we see from our bedroom window.
COP from Ravine view

As we emerged from the ravine and crested one of the higher hills in our subdivision, we were treated to this view, which can be seen from just about any hill that peeks over the rooftops in our fair city:
Mountains TransCanadaHwy
Those are, of course, the Canadian Rockies and the road you see in the foreground is the Trans Canada Highway. We used to live in a house that backed directly onto it just down the way (to the left) a bit from the section of highway in this picture.

At the same point at which we crested this hill we discovered that though sheltered very nicely in the ravine, the rest of our neighborhood was being cleaned of all its residual construction related dust by a gusty southwest wind.
Wind gusting

We kept walking and a couple of blocks from home, happened upon a pair of Magpies sitting on a fence. Magpies and crows are regular residents of this area but I always love taking pictures of birds. I love watching them. However, seeing as I don’t own any birdwatching books or a pair of binoculars, I don’t think I could be cast as a true birdwatcher. Not to mention, since when can a Mom of four crazy little boys be a birdwatcher. Birdwatchers in my estimation are likely the type to experience a nice bit of contemplative silence. Contemplative silence has not been a word in my vocabulary for the last several years… until just now of course.

About five houses down from our own home I happened to spy out the corner of my eye, the smurfiest little patch of mushrooms I think I’ve ever seen in person. Mushrooms are so pretty. I wish I had the fortune of running into them more often, for photography’s sake. I absolutely had to take a picture of them. Wouldn’t you know it, as I was kneeling down to take this shot, the homeowners arrived at their home. I could see they were laughing at the crazy woman taking close ups of something on their lawn. When they got out of their car I told them that I was sorry but their mushrooms were just too pretty to be ignored. They laughed and said it was no problem.

Close up photography is bound to make any short walk much more adventurous!

P.S. Sorry about the pictures lopping over into my sidebar. But I really don’t want to make them any smaller. :^D Also if you are
having trouble with stray gray boxes covering over words or images, click the time stamp at the bottom of the post there and the pesky boxes of no known origin will magically vanish.

4 thoughts on “The "Rooveen"

  1. Those are beautiful! I’m so jealous that you live so close to all of that gorgeous scenery. Look closer at your rose pic, there are actually 3 spiders on it! One on the bud and 2 on the stem:)

  2. Hi Nan…haven’t commented in awhile, but wanted to say how much I enjoy all the pics you are posting! The fall leaves are just gorgeous! You’re little tikes are sure cute too! Glad you are all feeling better these days.

  3. Hi, there! I just found your blog and love, love, love your photos! They are too cool. And your boys are lovely. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you don’t mind me adding you to the “Blogs That I Love” list!~Maria

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