This morning I woke up to the sounds of my boys talking, laughing, playing and interspersed with these sounds were the sounds of fighting. I heard someone throw a punch. This was followed by someone throwing an insult. This was followed by my three year old shouting, “You guys are mean-o’s. Next Summer you used to be nice and now you’re mean!”

So cute how they mix up their tenses.


After breakfast we were formulating a plan for the day. While kicking around ideas I pestered my 7 year old about how close his loose teeth were to coming out. He’s been patiently working on them for weeks now. And I must say he’s been patient about milestones in general. Most of his buddies have lost several teeth already. I have been itching to pull that one super wobbly tooth out.

I know I must be strange but it’s one of those parenting things that I have always looked forward to doing. Along with imagining rocking my babies to sleep, watching them take their first steps and taking them to their first soccer games, I have secretly longed for the satisfaction of yanking teeth.

So this morning I pestered him, as usual, to see if he was ready for me to give his tooth the old heave-ho and he finally said, “Yes. I think so.” So my husband (who will from henceforth on my blog be referred to as The Pastor) rigged up a nice slip knot in a string of dental floss and carefully slipped it over the tiny tooth and secured it snugly there at the base. We were thinking of doing the traditional “tie it to a door knob” thing but then I suddenly just decided to give it a nice little tug and POP, that tooth when flying through the air, bounced once or twice and then the whole family was screaming with excitement and the deed was done!

Now he’s got another super loose tooth and I’m trying to convince him to let me get my grubby little paws on it (okay…. I would wash them so they wouldn’t be too grubby!) But today he would not consent to the yanking of any more than one. I suppose the tooth fairy doesn’t want to go broke all in one night either. But he told me that I could pull the next one, next Saturday. I’m just rubbing my hands together in anticipation.

I’m so easily amused.


In other news we went galavanting around our quadrant of the city in search of a garage sale where I could buy a good old fashioned sugar pourer. I know they sell these things at WalMart but I do believe they don’t make anything like they used to. So I am always on the hunt for old kitchen stuff.

I didn’t find my sugar pourer. With garage sale season coming to a close I may have to resign myself to a WalMart one after all. But today I got some of the coolest things! I got a beautiful cake plate with dome for $4. And I found a super neat-o vintage Sunbeam electric stand mixer for $5! I cleaned it thoroughly and shined it up with vinegar and it looks almost as good as new. I got a nice assortment of other various and sundry goodies that I won’t bore you with but I just gotta say, sometimes I really love other people’s junk.

4 thoughts on “Today

  1. Your son is so cute.When my daughter saw that her older brother was getting MONEY!!! for teeth that came out of the mouth, she began to chew on beads to make her teeth loose. She lost her 2 front teeth that way, and for 2 years, all the pictures we have of her is of a toothless grin.All that for .50

  2. Oh my, do you sound like my sister! she obsesses over her boys’ loose teeth until they finally consent to her her pull them, lol! Congrats to your DS on the first lost tooth! Hoping for big bucks from the Tooth Fairy for him! 😀

  3. Hey Girl…could you pop over to my blog and read the post on there! If you feel to leave a comment/email, I’d appreciate it!

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