Whoo Doggy! It’s been a good week for this crazed maniacal tooth yanker!

(((rubs hands together with glee))))

Mister Mister’s second wobbly tooth had to come out today. Not only do I really like giving those little sucker’s the old heave ho, I really can’t stand looking at a tooth that hangs onto the gums like Custer’s last stand. It’s nauseating.

So here he is today:

Oh and the littlest man just couldn’t go without having a picture of his teeth taken either. He stuck out his lower jaw and stood patiently by the wall until I took his picture. He would only look at his big brother, whom he refers to as “Big,” so mesmerized by the double-wide gap was he.

After church today the boys discovered that one of the trees outside of the building where we meet as the church was unloading a bounty of very interesting looking nuts. We did not know what they were so my husband suggested that we look it up on Google when we got home. We brought one of he nuts with us. I suggested instead that we ask our Botany genius friend, Ina, what it was. She informed us that it was an Ohio Buckeye and that they are quite rare in our area. The oldest child, who felt that he had made a scientific discovery the likes of Galileo uttered a primal groan of wonder and awe that he, himself had discovered this rare tree outside of church (never mind that it is a public school and was obviously landscaped with this tree on purpose.)

As we drove away from church he issued a reverent, “Wow.” He then continued, “Today has been a big day for me. First I discovered that the Tooth Fairy is real and then I discovered a rare nut tree. What a big day for me.”

And I must say, we have never up until this point perpetuated any myths. We don’t make a big deal about Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny one way or the other. My five year old thinks Santa might be the real deal. I won’t confirm or deny it. But my oldest is a very scientific lad who is not the most likely to go for any kind of myth. And yet, I have done my darndest to perpetuate the tooth fairy myth. I don’t know why I chose this one above all the others… So for him to believe it is almost as unbelievable as the concept of the tooth fairy itself! But it is just so darn cute!

This morning I asked him if he saw her because last night when I went to slip the money under his pillow he sort of opened his eyes and I had to run like the dickens to get out of there. I got safely into the bathroom and then pronounced to myself, “I am the worst tooth fairy ever!” He answered my question, “No. But I think I did see a spark. And I felt a money bag run along my back. Plus, the tooth and the note were in a different place than where I put them so she must be real.”

You see, he wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if it was alright with her if he kept his tooth and the money. He put a YES and a NO and asked her to circle her answer. He was astounded that she actually took the time to circle the correct answer. (And I’ll tell ya, that is the thing that almost got her caught!) He got this idea from one of his best friends who has successfully gotten to keep all his teeth and yet still acquire the cold hard cash. It’s a win win.

Well, no more loose teeth as of now so I guess I will have to put down the pliers and turn my mind to other things that need pulling… like pranks and index fingers. (Oh dear. Did I just say that out loud?!)

15 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again!!

  1. When a tooth falls out here in our house….I actually call the tooth fairy on the phone while our daughter is listening and make sure the “The Fairy” stops by.I say to my little girl many children lose their teeth everyday all over the World so we have to make an appointment.I remember the first call I made, “My Aunt” she was slightly lost the first couple of minutes…but now she knows what’s going on when I say “Hello Tooth Fairy.” Of course she is laughing at the other end!Sure is fun playing with my kid!

  2. LOL! My children have sworn to hear Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy. Or to have seen non existant tracks. I am not sure why we do this to our children. I think it is because we want to share the magic with them, but at the same time it a) feels like lying and b)gives someone else the credit for all of our fine gift-making decisions.We let our 10 year old in on the shenanigans this year (he was pretty suspicious anyway) and he is enjoying keeping his 7 year old sister in the dark.BTW, I am having tons of opportunities to win prizes at my blog this month. Be sure to stop by!

  3. LOL! Ah, Nan…this brings back memories. When I was pregnant with Sam, I suddenly became the WORST toothfairy ever. I forgot, 2 nights in a row to pick up the goods and deliver the prize, lol! Hope was 10 then; I finally just called her to me and gave her the cash. The Toothfairy quit. She already suspected it wasn’t real, but this tired preggo mama was just too darned tired (and forgetful) to play mom AND toothfairy at that time. She was happy with the cash either way. 😉

  4. the tooth fairy is the only one that comes to our house. No Easter Bunnies, and no Santa Claus. But once we finally loose some teeth the tooth fairy will come and be very well endowed.

  5. A girl after my own heart. I pull the teeth here too. My daughter was never one to let me do it, either. She hated it. My cousin’s little girl (age 7), came up to me last week and said her tooth was really loose and could I pull it for her. It was hardly wiggling! Poor kid. I told her to come see me in a couple of weeks!

  6. Love the new profile picture! I have a friend who has convinced her kids that she IS the tooth fairy (for everyone)!

  7. When my son’s first tooth fell out, we told him the tooth fairy would probably give him a quarter, but she/he would give us the tooth back so we could have it as a keep sake.He sleeps like a log and never noticed me. However, he was very curious the next day and just had to see the tooth. So, we showed it to him. The 2nd tooth he swallowed, but we told him the t.f. knows all and would come that night. He was pleasantly surprised when he/she actually did.Robin

  8. Oh yeah, and my little guy keeps asking me if his teeth are loose too! Don’t grow up too fast, my little one!

  9. It’s so good to know I’m not the only one who is so inconsistent with the myths! LOLThanks for all your stories! :^D

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