We decided to go out for a mid-morning jaunt today. We needed to pick up a few items for various art and hobby related projects. Imagine our co-mingled feelings (mine, displeasure – the Pastor and the children’s pure excitement) when we found that this was happening:

Yuck. Ick. Blargh.

Don’t get me wrong. I like snow (in moderation). I just still haven’t fully come to peace with the concept (pish tosh… concept?! REALITY!) of snow in September and October! I’m glad it didn’t stick. But in about two weeks time it’s guaranteed to be cold enough to stick. I just had a premature shiver at the mere thought of it. Oh well… soup season here we come!

In other news, yesterday we brought home a hamster. We’ve been discussing it with the boys for a while and a couple of weeks back we bought a nice cage and whole hamster set up at a garage sale. What can I say, since we had to find Suki a new home because she was biting our kids (Oh dear, I had almost forgotten about the blog reader out there who wanted to string me up and have me fed to a pack of wolves for finding a new loving home for a dog that more than once drew blood from my children… I hope she covers her eyes while reading this post because it’s sure to upset her because she didn’t want me owning any more pets!), anyways, ever since then I have had a large furry void in my life. And though a hamster only partially fills a large furry void, we will enjoy her until we can fill the void entirely with a big dopey family dog.

I grew up with just about every conceivable kind of animal in the house; fish, cats, many rats, hamsters, dogs, bunnies, an iguana, birds… (well… no grazing animals… but not because I didn’t want them!)… Correct me if I’m wrong, Mom, but I even remember Rich bringing home a pig one time! We took in strays and my Mom never seemed to go too nuts when one of us brought home a new pet (though she did draw the line at the pig.) I felt a wee bit differently when one of these lucky found family members was discovered by my younger brother on his walk to school and then placed just temporarily (and ironically just long enough to vomit on the seat) in my car but not long enough for me to see it or know to what kind of creature I owed the lovely new smell my car had acquired. The puppy who was later christened, Pepe (pr. peh-pay), was whisked home during lunch break. He’s an old guy now but just as sweet as ever, and I forgave him long ago for the vomit stain on my backseat.

All that to say that even now as an adult, when without a pet, I really do feel as if something is missing.

So now I introduce you to our sweet fluffy loveable little filler of the furry void…

Her name is Chewbacca.

As you might guess, she was named by my boys. They just adore her and it’s very heartening to see them being so gentle with her. My baby calls her “Shooey” and asks all the time, “What hammy doing? She on bike?” He calls her hamster wheel a bike. **sigh** Isn’t he the cutest?! He demands that she be set on his tummy by pointing at his chest and saying, “Hammy kickle!”

14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Omigod, that’s just so crazy! We’re in Michigan, and the forecast is expected to be in the mid-80’s this weekend. It’s been near 80s all this past week. We’re stunned — it’s never this warm and nice into October. Mother Nature sure keeps me cracking up! LOVE the hamster! How cute is she??? LOLMariahttp://michigal.blogspot.com/

  2. My youngest (19 months old) is very curious about our dwarf hamsters. Several months ago when we first acquired them I tried to impress on him the danger of handling any creature with teeth, telling him “Bite!” and snapping my own teeth at him for emphasis. So of course, that’s what he calls them and he loves to snap at them with his own little chompers. Not quite the effect I had in mind. *sigh*

  3. Awwwww! I love rodents…. My daughter’s two hamster died after more than two years in our house. They were so sweet and we were devastated. So, this year, she got two rats. They are so much fun. I can’t resist little rattie kisses.

  4. Lucky you! SNOW! Great pictures. I love snow…the way it makes everything look so fresh and clean.Have fun with the hamster. We have one also….he finds all sorts of ways to cause trouble, but he is cute.Kind of funny, our dog’s name is Chewbacca–Chewy for short. Enjoy!

  5. Chewy is a cutie! Your kids look like they are having a great time with her.And your weather…wow. It seems rather unreal from my vantage point. This morning I caved and turned the AC back on. Here in Illinois the temperatures are still climbing to 90 and with the humidity, that feels really hot and sticky. Like August. We had a brief reprieve, but autumn has not settled in yet. Your snowflakes look so cool and refreshing. Thanks for sharing your weather with me!

  6. Ahhhh ! Nooooo. not snow. not coming. That’s my denial and I’m stickin’ to it! Well, maybe you can win the Starbucks gift card from my blog contest and buy yourself a nice warm Pumpkin Spice latte to go with your soup. Stay warm! (It’s like 84 in Iowa today.)

  7. What kind of a SICKO gives away a dog?!?!?! (Heh, heh… we had to do the same thing. He kept treeing the neighbor’s kid.) I want snow; you want warmth; we should trade. Let’s trade next August when it is 102F and the humidity is 98%, ok?

  8. Same here. We rarely get snow and we get a snow to stick every couple of years for a day or two. One of the joys of Memphis. When we DO get snow or sometimes even a sever weatherman threat of a snow, the schools shut down. The city doesn’t own but a few sand trucks and one or two snow plows. The mere mention of snow here will send a mad mass to the grocery stores to stock up on groceries. It is quite amusing!Danabelleburns

  9. Call me Crazy, but I am JEALOUS! We never get snow here. Once in a decade. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I’ve been reading for a while…Have you ever listened to Lifehouse? I love that band. You might also.Julie

  10. Very cute. I know what you mean about people and trying to tell us not to own any omore animals. We had a dog that was attacking our other dog and my husband was worried about him turning on our children therefore he had to go to a new home. Since we had to get rid of him we did get a new dog his name is Currlie.

  11. I saw snow last week on the very peaks of the Blue Mtns but it went away the very next morning. Cute name for a hamsger — especially knowing thats exactly what she’d do – if she could get a hold of bacca.

  12. Okay…jealous of the snow…or just jealous of temperatures below 90.New topic: What a CUTE hamster and the boys look so sweet with her!How fun!

  13. My hubby is from WI and I’d better not show him this pic or he’ll move us to Canada. 🙂 Actually, I wouldn’t mind some cooler weather. It’s been over 90 here in TN.Like your new profile pic! (not sure when you changed it, it’s been a while since I stopped by.)

  14. My sister and I had hamsters growing up.They are super cute but the downside is they have a very short lifespan. Chewie is an awesome name.

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