The Pastor has recently become determined, thanks to finding a handy little book on the subject for only $1 at the library, that he and the boys need to begin letterboxing. And there’s not a moment to waste. They hope to head out on their first adventure tomorrow.

I am not the letterboxing head honcho of the family so I don’t know all the ins and outs of how it works but from what I gather, one follows clues posted on the official letterboxing websites and finds little boxes that are strategically hidden, only to be found by those who carefully follow the posted clues and instructions. Inside the box there is a stamp log and a unique stamp, especially made for that location. You stamp your stamp in the stamp log and you stamp the letterbox stamp in your own letterboxing log, where you collect the stamps from all of the letterboxes you have discovered. This is just the basic impression I get of the hobby. Someone, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

The Pastor had lots of experience making rubber stamps as a child. Recently his mom brought us a small box of stamps, several of which the Pastor had made so many years ago. I had never known this little piece of trivia about him until the box was presented. Ever since then he’s wanted to teach the boys how to cut stamps. They are quite young for this craft yet but he’s determined help them make their own stamps and letterboxing seems to be just the reason to do it.

The kids are all hyped about it and rarin’ to go get out into the woods to explore and follow the clues. They are also excited about making their own personal stamps. And I must say I was impressed with their efforts!

This is the beautiful template that my 7 year old drew for his stamp. I almost fell over when I found out he was using a pen and leaving no room for mistake correction! How very bold he is!:

This is the one put forth by my 5 year old. Colorful and fun, just like he is!:

And this is the sweet little stamp template that my three year old created. Not sure how Daddy is going to go about cutting it but we’ll see… I’m sure he’ll make it happen!:

I’ll have to let you know how their first galavant goes. It is supposed to be warmer out tomorrow so at least I don’t think they’ll freeze their booties off which is good of course.

8 thoughts on “Letterboxing

  1. I love the idea of this! There are other groups similar to that, where they use a GPS to find hidden treasures throughout the town. I read about it in ‘Growing Up Chico’ magazine last year.

  2. We have good friends who LOVE to geocashe. They do it in our area and anytime they travel for any reason, they are sure to geochashe along the way. Hope your boys have lots of fun!

  3. Thanks for the reminder Nan! I have thought about getting going on this with my kids and then put some of the places to find them in town to the side and it got burried! I have just way to much paperwork on my desk. Anyway…I went back and found it and now we just have to make a few stamps of our own and head out on our search. There are hundreds of them within 25 miles of we will be busy!

  4. Oh, that sounds so cool! I hope they have a great time! Love the stamps!Hope you are all well!Hugs from Texas!Corrie

  5. bobby and i used to geocache together in our newlywed years…LOL…seriously. until one fine day i got poison oak! so be careful. but we saw some of the most amazing parks. 🙂

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