I have a little obsession to confess to you all. I like ogling doggies online. Because my last attempt at dog ownership did not work out due to a little dog that bit my kids, I have felt sorry for myself that I am once again dogless. I realize, I’m totally pathetic. Anyways, when I am bored out of my gourd I like to look at all of the animal shelter websites, at the poochies that need a loving home. I am determined that our next dog will be one that we rescue from a shelter.

So somehow I stumbled upon the Idaho state Humane Society’s website. And I found out about this amazing program. I think this is such an awesome idea. For those of you who don’t click the link, basically it is a partnership program between the state correctional facilities and the humane society wherein inmates work to help train shelter dogs in basic obedience. Helps the inmates in being gentle, patient, etc… helps the dogs and ensures a happier adoptive family as well.

Why don’t they have partnerships like this going on all over the place? I just thought it was the coolest idea.

6 thoughts on “This is so cool…

  1. Ha ha ha. I do the same thing. (peruse pet websites that is) I have a dog and would love to add another to our brood-however our old dog would be heartbroken (he’s a one dog family kind of dog). It doesn’t stop me from oogling though. Did you know that craigslist has pets too?

  2. I’m in Nebraska (Lincoln) and they do that here, too. I read an article about it in the paper and found it really amazing.

  3. In Australia, in some places, you can volunteer at the local shelter and sometimes take the dogs home at weekends. Its a great way to get to know the dog before you decide which one to keep. Not good for me as I would want to save them all. LOL.Having said that this morning, had you asked me, I would have handed my naughty puppy right over to you. She’s great with kids, but not gardens! Sigh! Of course I have now forgiven her and hopefully solved my problem. Just can’t resist those sad eyes.

  4. Hi :)This my first comment on your blog though I have been reading for a while now. Kind of feels like high school working up the nerve to venture out and make new friends. (totally silly I know;)But time to quit “lurking” (it sounds creepy LOL) and start leaving comments. I have really enjoyed your blog and your funny stories and insights on motherhood and everyday life. My husband is from Manitoba and we may be headed back soon. right now we reside in beautiful upper Wisconsin. Anyway this comment is getting a little long so I better stop. Just wanted to say hello and let you know we are over at http://sawatzkysurvivors.blogspot.com/ Have a blessed dayMichelle S.

  5. Oh, I do the same thing, too! I spend hours picking out the dog that I want when we finally get a house. I try to justify it by saying, “I’m visulizing my goals, and have to practice with the small stuff.” LOL

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