I have been a bad blogger lately. But a better human being. So I’m not going to bother flogging myself for my lack of posting here. Sometimes I do just have to take a few steps away from the computer in order to distance myself a bit from everything in it! So that’s where I’ve been lately, disentangling myself from the computer cords which so easily entangle!

I hope you are up for a couple more pictures! A few weeks back I posted pictures of a friend’s family, and I told about how awfully the sitting went — how very few of the portraits came out well. (Don’t go looking for this post, because I mistakenly had not gotten full permission to put everyone’s pictures up I decided I had better take it down until further notice but then I accidentally deleted it permanently. Oops.) Anyways, I was able to redeem myself just a bit on Sunday afternoon when I snapped some nice Fall picture’s of the same friend’s children.

So that’s what I’m going to share this morning. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.

jb2 j laughing



j3 smile w/ leaves

j2 throwing leaves

j9 on fence

j18 c/u smile

B5 scrunched up face

jb6 j hugging b


b51 studying large leaf

Okay, I guess that’s enough about that!

Oh, yesterday the boys did their letterboxing outing. They had a grand time being adventurers. They loved how secretive it was and how it was just like following a treasure map. They each had different stamps than the ones I posted the other day. They all came up with ideas that they liked better. I even got to cut one of the stamps. What a fun hobby! They are now obsessed with it and want to do nothing else but create stamps.

My oldest even designed a hamster stamp that looks just like Chewy as a birthday gift for my boy that turns two tomorrow. It came out really cute.

Well, I think I’ve exhausted all of the interesting things I might have to say. As I said earlier, I have just been trying to keep my distance from the computer for the last few days, so my Blogable Radar is not working well, you know… that tracking system that is secretly implanted in the head of every blogger, which detects and beeps like mad when it finds any of life’s nuances that might be worth putting on the worldwide web… unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t have the best filter and it lets some bad apples get through too. Anyways, I’ve been giving the old beeper a break for a couple of days as it seems my Blogable Radar is temporarily somewhat disabled. I’m sure it will be up and in working order in no time. In the meantime, thank you for your patience! :^P

9 thoughts on “Where have I been?!

  1. Hey, as much as I love reading your posts, you need to keep you and your family the top priority. Just come back every so often and let us know your doing ok. This set of photos came out better. I like them because they don’t seem so posed. And the little boy holding the leaves is perfect. Great job.

  2. What beautiful children. Your pictures are great again. I like all those pensive expressions on them. Have fun away from the computer. I can’t wait to hear more about letterboxing.

  3. you have some beautiful pictures ,i love taking pictures too of my family and kids. and i love reading you rposts

  4. Nan, Those pictures came out great!!! I am impressed…you can take some of our family if you come to Texas sometime (or next summer….ahem!)But, by then, you’ll probably have some huge portfolio and be charging a bazillion dollars or something…=)

  5. ALL of these pics are great, but some are PERFECT! Either you’re a natural, or you’re spending a lot of time learning…

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