Be careful about nurturing honesty in your children. It can backfire sometimes.


Nan: We must cut out desserts. Particularly anything with whipped cream in it. The very moment it passes my lips it lands directly on my hips. It’s bad. It’s really bad. (You see, this being pumpkin season and my husband having a love affair with all things pumpkin… a downright naughty love affair that involves the copious use of whipped cream, he recently purchased a quart of whipping cream. This has made for some very yummy coffee treats. But it is just not doing wonders for my figure.)

The Pastor: Really? It happens that fast does it?

The Eavesdropping 7 year old: (nonchalantly) Yeah. You are looking a little beefy.

Nan: (Jaw drops. Gasps. Sputters. Spits. Coughs. Chokes on coffee. Regains composure.) Son, if you ever want to be happily married, never agree with a woman when she says she needs to lose weight… at least, don’t agree that quickly! ((And if you must agree… do so without making reference to bovines or other products that can be found in your grocer’s meat department.))

So, just be careful when nurturing honesty in your children is all I’m sayin’. It can really bite you in the bum, it can.

There. You’ve been warned.

4 thoughts on “Warning.

  1. Yah. Like the time I came down the hall after taking a bath and my son said, “You took a bath? But the tub is so… small…””WHAT? And I’m so big?”, I replied.I was eight months pregnant. And THAT boy might not live to see 13.

  2. Aw, but funny. That would have been worth the comment had it been captured on video and won you some extra cash. Nice that you used it as a teaching opportunity, you know, vs a wrastling match. 😛 Oh & I share the same love affair with pumpkin pie & whip cream – can’t have the pie without the cream.

  3. Oh I laughed at this post. My 3 year old daughter promised “not to play with Nana’s big belly” for weeks leading up to my mother’s impending visit. Good thing my mom has an awesome sense of humor.

  4. You can always count on the kids to word it just right. Then you wonder where he heard that “beefy” could be used to describe one’s physical perspective???

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