According to my boys. I was commanded heartily emplored to take a picture of these things. The most amazing things in the world. It’s awfully lucky I had a camera with me to document these amazing finds. Otherwise the world would never know and surely our systems of government would fall, our spleens would all simultaneously implode and the earth would crack in half, sucking into its gaping center everything on it, like a sink full of water after a dose of drain-0.

The Most Amazing Things EVER

First: The sap. The most amazing, spectacular, marvelous sap in the universe. Just look. Look in awe. You will soon agree. There is nothing like it.

Second: The mushroom. I’m noticing that it has only one bite out of it, presumably because whatever chose to nibble on it wasn’t long for this world. Nah. I just like being that morbid sometimes. I know, terribly shocking.

Third: (No. Not the child.) The stick. (Though, granted, the child is one of the four most amazing, spectacular and marvelous things in the universe. Add pesky, mischievous, owner of the world’s most adorable dimple and downright lovable and you’d have yourself an exact match.) But no, the amazing thing here is the stick. In fact it’s the most amazing stick my child had ever seen.

Yes. These three things are amongst the most amazing treasures we found on our hike yesterday. And to think, none of the 70 people we ran into along that path had any clue about what was so amazing about Lake Louise. What are they, blind?

I love how children see the world. I love the wonder at the small things. I love it that sticks and rocks are collectibles (though I prefer it to remain an outdoor hobby for the sake of my vacuum.) I am trying to reclaim some of this wonder through my new obsession with the camera. I have gained a fully new appreciation for the splendor of simplicity and the complexity of the simple. Proof of this is my repeated affliction with an uncontrollable desire to photograph weeds up close. I mean, I still don’t want them in my yard but out in the great wide world… well, they work! God is an amazing designer and decorator.

Mountains are monumentally spectacular, and especially so when they are reflected in crystalline lakes…

But nothing is as amazing or as intimately sublime as these…

7 thoughts on “These are the most amazing things ever…

  1. three things have made me much more observant of the world around me:watercoloring, my camera, my blog8 things have changed how I view life: My grandchildren

  2. hi, that was weird i was reading the verses on the side Galatians 2:20 and 2 Corinthians 5:17. I have study group tonight and i have to recite those two memory verses. I am doing homework for school and searching the net, but i should actually be studying my bible instead. lol.God has just reminded me that i have to do it now… Thankyou for your verses……

  3. I LOVE the pictures of the boys! i have a picture of Olivia like that (of course without the depth that you have in yours!)

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