you are quizzing your child in past history lessons and you get the following answers to the following questions:

Q: How did Chinese customs make their way to Japan.
A: By boat?

(Well… I guess in a round about way, they probably did!) **sigh**

….Different chapter…….

Q: Muhammad wasn’t just a prophet of Islam. What other jobs did he have in Medina?
A: Ummm… Err… I can’t think of this one… the first answer that popped in my brain was, “Mail boy.” (Mom and boy both break out into uproarious laughter.) But I don’t think that was probably right.

Indeed no.


Then he went on to read his next chapter in Famous Men of the Middle ages and as he closed the book he announced, “Pope Gregory was a non-haired man.”

****double sigh****

Class dismissed!

4 thoughts on “You know it's the end of the school day when…

  1. Ah… Those are the moments that do us proud aren’t they? My oldest son has always answered every question the same way… “Oh! I know this one! It was… wait… I know… Oh… What was it again? I know it… really!” As you can imagine, it’s always been a relief to me that he knows everything!

  2. I’m freaking. I don’t know those first two answers. and I know nothing about pope gregory, either!!!I better come get schooled.

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