Surely that is the title of a book. It’s about a little blind girl who spends all day in her Grandma’s garden listening and talking to the little birdies that come to splash in the happy little bird bath……

Hmmm… that’s starting to sound eerily like another story I made up read once…

This afternoon the family ran a bunch of errands with The Pastor and then we ended the outing with a trip to Fish Creek Park, a lovely provincial park in the middle of our city. The kids once again enjoyed adventuring and discovering.

The Pastor once again enjoyed being the outdoorsy man that he is more and more becoming. Don’t mind me, but that is one hot pastor! ((somebody hose me down))

And of course I went nutso freako with my 5th child Nikon D80. If this bores you to tears and you need a little soundtrack to numb the pain, you have the option.
Default-tiny Sound Effects – Woody Woodpecker Laugh uploaded by 2104-tiny beanycastillo

Not sure if that numbed the pain or just your brain but it was my best effort. And looky who I ran into today.


Just look at him. Isn’t he beautiful?


I’m sure you’re probably not too shocked to hear that Woodpeckers, like hummingbirds, aren’t terribly concerned with stopping what they are doing long enough for a person to get a nice non-fuzzy picture.

But my guy stopped and looked at me suspiciously for a moment…

He even said, “Wait a minute. You better get me from my good side.”

And then he was like, “Dude, I am so done with this Paparazzi garbage. I’m out of here. I’ll see ya in rehab ya maniac!” And he flew to the top of the tree.
And I was all, “Whatever dude. I can still see you. It’s called a ZOOM lens ya loon!”

And then he was like, “No way. Did you just call me a Loon? I’m a Woodpecker ya freak. Oh and guess what? I can still get away. It’s called WINGS!”

And then he was gone.


And I was all, “Like I am so over birds. I am going to go take pictures of trees now. That’ll show him who’s boss. Birds are like so totally last week.”

So I left the bird to take pictures of trees.

And then my kids were like, “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird!!” (But I didn’t look! I’m so like totally done with birds!) “It’s a plane!! It’s SOOOOP…” No… they didn’t say that. But I did look up and they forced me to take a picture.

And then I moved on to my new obsession for the day. Trees.

I do so love trees. I practically lived in the Oak tree in my backyard (which is now a stump ala The Giving Tree, even though, you’ll be relieved to know, it did not talk to me as it did to the boy in the story). When you get up close to them and stare right into them, they very much resemble my life, organized chaos. It’s chaotic, no doubt… branches and twigs going every which way but it’s not a completely unruly mess. Nutrients still arrive to the very tips of each tiny little branch of a branch of a branch. And all of it, no matter how confusing and brambly a mess it appears to be, it brings glory to its maker.


Oh, and trees, like mountains, are very pretty upside down too.

10 thoughts on “Talking to the birds…

  1. Whenever I can afford a new camera, I’d meant to ask you and my friend Amber what kind of cameras you have. Now I know, but I’m sure I’ll forget and have to ask when the time comes for that camera. My big goal for now is to replace my computer at tax refund time (crossing my fingers).

  2. I just came across your blog and I have not figured ot what area of the country you are in..not that I am trying to stalk you, but your pictures are amazing. The tree’s the, mountains…all of them are beautiful. Cute blog!

  3. You are too funny! Love the woodpecker. We have some big pileated (sp?) woodpeckers around here. They are so gorgeous (but not when they are going after my deck!). Some day I’ll have a big camera with a big lens to get a good shot of one.I’ll catch up with you by email later!Beautiful pics! You are doing really well with the 5th child –and no diapers on this one ;o) Melissa

  4. Hey Nan, What a great read and super pictures! Glad you are enjoying your new camera and sharing the photos with us!Corrie

  5. Beautiful pictures :)I can only capture flowers that well. I want to get a shot of the deer that keeps stealing apples off my apple tree in the backyard.Jillian

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