7 thoughts on “This Site is a real "Crack Up"

  1. That is “funny”, took me a “minute” to (really) understand. 😉 Now you don’t know how long it really took me to “get it” lol

  2. Oh man, that is hilarious. Of course I’m now self-conscience and going back through my various blogs to see if I’m guilty of putting in “unnecessary” quotation marks myself.

  3. LOL, that was funny!! I keep seeing people using asterisks as some sort of pseudo-quote marks lately too. I *don’t* understand *why*. But it drives me crazy:)

  4. LOL! Anon. I am *so* guilty of this! But I use it when I mean to make a stronger point without going to the trouble of making something italicized, bold or all caps. :^) *shrug*;^P

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