It was last night. We’ve had a couple of flurries once or twice in Sept. and Oct. but this was the first real deal.

When it hit I was driving a new friend home from a get together of ladies from church, an evening that was really a wonderful blessing and such an encouragement. Well, actually the storm was visible on the horizon, over the mountains, at 6:30 when I had to run to the store to grab a dessert to bring to the ladies evening because even though I wrote the announcement and pretty much planned the event, I forgot until the last minute that I was supposed to bring a dessert. Thank goodness for grocery store bakeries is all I have to say about that.

Yesterday was as warm as any warm Spring day. A gorgeous 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Between the time that I left for the store, which is literally a 2 minute drive from my house, and drove back home the temperature dropped a good 9 degrees. By the time we left for the ladies evening it was feeling like a brisk fall day. At 9:20 when we left the ladies evening it was sprinkling and there was a stiff wind, making it feel like a chilly winter evening. By the time we were about 5 minutes away from the house it was sleeting and snowing sideways, the wind whipping the trees and the precipitation in all directions.

We announced to our husbands, who were hanging out at the house waiting for our return, “It’s crazy out there!” They replied something like, “I know, it’s getting cold.”

“Cold?! It’s snowing like mad!”


“Look out the window!”


Within about 10 or 15 minutes there was a nice inch of snow blanketing everything and you could see the furiously falling (falling? It was being hurled!) snow glistening under the street lights as it plummeted to the earth, as if it couldn’t wait to get here and feel the ground under its feet, similar to how I feel when I’m in an airplane.

This morning I slept through my alarm clock that wakes me up in time to throw something on and grab a health shake before heading out for a morning walk with my friend, Ina. My husband woke me at 5 minutes to eight and I jumped up, got dressed, put on my coat and shoes and immediately went outside to take a picture because, well, getting dressed had taken me all of 3 1/2 minutes and I still had 1 1/2 minutes to kill.


And out on our front porch I had to get a picture of this:

Gives new meaning to “frost on the pumpkin” doesn’t it?

What a difference a few days makes…


The sunrise is so beautiful against a newly snow blanketed mountain range…



In other totally unrelated news, we have the possibility of adopting a 2 year old Golden Retriever. We go to meet him on Saturday. If you think of it, pray for wisdom and discernment for us to know if he is right fur us and if we are right for him. I’ll keep you posted.

13 thoughts on “The first real snow storm of the season…

  1. Love these pics! Last week I took my two to a nearby pumpkin patch to choose their own pumpkins. It was hot and I was fuming about the fact that I was sweating in the pumpkin patch. I kept saying, “whatever happened to ‘frost on the pumpkin’?” So, I guess I’ll just live vicariously through your photos of snow on the pumpkin!

  2. I can’t believe winter is almost here. I love the way it looks on trees, pumpkins and just about everywhere. I just hate the ice.And the below 0 weather.. brrrrrrrr.Jillian

  3. oh i’m so jealous! i’m one of those weird texans that LOVES snow, but we only get it once a year…usually on EASTER…

  4. great pics! we’ve been freezing in the deep south in the upper 40s and lower 50s because we are spoiled! it should be warming back up here tomorrow though with the sun moving back in and shoving those cold gray misty clouds away… prayers that the fur baby will be the right one for you and your boys.

  5. Naaaaaaannnnnnnnn! That last piccha is STUNNING! Is that the view from your home???? If so, may I PUH-LEASE COME VISIT???Wowza…!All of the pictures were wonderful, I don’t covet “things” of my friends, I have snow envy :).

  6. Gorgeous pictures!Just wanted to let you know about a free giveaway I’m hosting – come check it out! Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  7. LOVE your beautiful pictures!golden retrievers are kind of “slow learners” but big + strong, so they are a lot of work.

  8. Hey Nan, What beautiful snow…I’m now expecting this to kick off the posts under the category “Life in the Frozen Tundra”…or something like that. =) I’m a bit jealous, you know. I always say that. How was the walk though? Not jealous about that. I’d probably ditch the walking and settle for an indoor round of Sweatin’ to the Oldies with Richard Simmons. Well, happy snow day! Bake some cookies!Love you,Corrie

  9. Beautiful pictures. I can’t believe you live there. Meanwhile…it’s in the 90s and fires burning down here in California!

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