I’m sorry but toys are the bane of my existence! Not all toys… just the many that pretty much go unplayed with except for the odd time that they are dragged out of a box and left strewn across the house.

So much of it is just JUNK. I can’t stand the clutter. Who bought all of this anyways? Sheesh! In many cases I swear it weren’t me!! ;^P But I confess, come birthday time, the guilt of not getting something for a child far overshadows the fact that they don’t need another stinkin’ thing! Isn’t there a birthday solution out there for kids who hardly ever play with toys?! I mean, I want to give them something (we never go too hog wild as it is, but the thought of any makes me want to cry… and yet we do it over and over.) They have their favorites and the rest just somehow spreads and coats the house in a manner which requires a rake to clean it all up.

It might sound like they play with it, since it ends up around the house but this literally means that they pick it up in one room and bring it to the next, or they might find pieces of old ribbon or yarn and tie things together — not to play with them in the conventional manner — but to create something new and exciting and indescribable. It is picked up or tied up only to be dropped haphazardly in a way most likely to cause an unwary adult to trip on it and curse the names of Hasbro and Fisher Price and even the sacred Playmobil!

So because I so despise most toys, every year around this time I cull toys! I make the kids go through with me and decide what they don’t play with often and what they would like to give to children who don’t have as much as they do. It’s good for them to see how much they really have and how little they need it all!

Anyways, this is just my yearly post-toy-culling cathartic sigh.


3 thoughts on “Toy culling!

  1. You are much, much, much nicer than I.I would once a year or so go in their rooms with a garbage bag or 2, and cull it myself. I know what they played with and what they didn’t.

  2. I share your feelings. For birthdays & holidays I usually buy my kids things they need like clothing or something for their room (artwork, bedding, etc) because grandparents & other family members get them plenty of toys. I went through my son’s room and got rid of 4 boxes of toys he doesn’t play with often and I really don’t see a difference when it comes time to cleaning up. I’m going to try and attack the problem by getting a storage bin shelf organizer and if it doesn’t go in there it’s not staying in his room, hopefully that will help. Another kind of gift I like my kids getting are books, they too can get overwhelming but not nearly as bad for us (yet). Good luck with the purge!

  3. Hi Nan! yeah, we’ve been purging too, and it’s like the proverbial pulling teeth, except dd loved to get her teeth out! And she will not give up any toy or stuffed animal at all, she insists she loves it and will play with it. So, much of our culling must be after bedtime, in secret, behind their backs. And if I leave something in the garbage and do not really take that garbage out to the garage, it will likely get rescued in the morning! One gift idea we used to do was buy books that were way ahead of the child’s level, something for the future that they would grow into. This worked when they were babies and really didn’t need anything, lately we are choosing books more at their level that they want to devour right away. Classic, hardbound, nice books that seem extravagant to us and always cost more than we think they should, but as a gift, we figure it’s saving us from spending that much on junk toys. Then why do we have so many many junky toys in our house that have no place to go!!! Maybe because for dd’s birthday recently I gave in and let her spend birhtday money on Woody and Jessie, also getting a Buzz Lightyear for little brother! At least they are playing with them…

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