Yesterday afternoon we went to meet a two year old male Golden Retriever. When we arrived, he was lying next to his buddy, Legend, on the front lawn, off leash. It was quite clear that he was devoted to his master. He obeyed immediately, came over and plunked himself down for some scratchy love. He is gorgeous. A very rich red.


When we got out of the car, he did not barrel towards us but happily came up to greet us… no jumping. Just a nice warm welcome. He did not overwhelm the children — though the two year old was a little nervous mostly due to the fact that he had come down with a fever (more on this later).

We stayed and visited for about forty-five minutes. I took him for a short walk, where he heeled beautifully. He was not overwhelming in the least. He was looking up at me every couple of seconds and patiently slowing down — much slower than his happy tail wanted to I think! :^D

We asked all of the important questions that we had written down. All were not only satisfactory answers, but pleasing ones which I must say was an unexpected surprise. I was prepared for a hyperactive brute (which we would have had to say no to). Instead we were greeted with a perfect gentleman.

It was clear that his owners loved him very much and just felt awful for how busy they had become. Their other Golden is nearly 16 and they of course are keeping him because he’s their old baby and doesn’t require as much time and energy as the young boy did. He did have some bad matting that I had to work on when we got home. But we got almost all of them taken care of.

His name is Bruce and we all love him. He thoroughly enjoyed the drive home and behaved beautifully in the pet supply store — even garnered compliments on his behavior and beauty. :^D That was fun. “Your dog is gorgeous!” “Thanks, we got him 10 minutes ago!” :^D

When we got home, he settled right in. Went out and played in the yard with the kids. At dinner time he lay next to me — no begging. Just rested quietly. And stayed there when I told him to stay when I got up for something.

Here’s where the night got interesting. My two year old, who was starting to feel quite yucky, presented at bath time with a few spots of blood in his diaper (urine). The day before he had been terribly constipated — not something that happens too often. Normally a fever would not have me so concerned at all. But blood in the diaper and very dark pee (coupled with a very lightweight diaper) had me packing up for the ER rather quickly.

When I left, my husband tells me Bruce whimpered and cried at the door. He patiently waited by the door until I returned.

We got to the ER at 7:45. Got to our turn in Triage at probably 8:45. Then we waited until 2:45 to get called back. I’ll never understand how a waiting room can be totally log jammed and the back halls are quiet as a morgue where you can only see one doctor making the rounds, in between easy going chats with the nurses, whom you can see and hear from your room are sitting at the computer Googling things and talking about girl stuff. I’m really and truly not normally the type to complain about ER services but it was just really odd… really really odd. And unnerving of course. But I’m sure it was all compacted by being excruciatingly tired.

The little one did not sleep a wink the whole entire time. It was awful. Well, it was awful but it was entertaining because he talked the entire time. The ibuprofen was still working its magic when we first got there so he was cheerful and chatty… but as it wore off he of course grew more uncomfortable and mournful in his tone. But he did not stop talking. At all. Ever. It was adorable. But if I even tried to lean back and close my eyes he would pry them open and say, “Mommy. Mommy. No close eyes. No sleepy. Look Mommy. Look…” He would say, “not sleepy. No night night.” one second to “I go night night. Sing ‘Bless you’.” (which is a bedtime song that we sing regularly.) He complained off and on about his “owies” which seemed to change places frequently throughout the night. He was very bossy. And his tenacity to stay awake amazed me. But it was much better than screaming.

Meanwhile he peed his diaper — no blood. I really wish they had suited him up with a pee catch bag in triage. We would have gotten somewhere if they had. But nope. Had to wait all those hours before they could stick it on. And then when he finally did have it on, he wouldn’t pee. Finally at 3:45 they said we could go home and let it happen there and bring the pee back first thing in the morning.

When my husband checked it this morning (and removed it before finding out if he had really peed) he discovered that it was still empty! ARGH (not that I blamed him… it was just another layer of frustration)! Now, no bag, no pee collection — ie. the ER was a total waste of time. Oh, except that they did a throat culture which they said was probably not going to be strep because it’s “usually a virus.” (True but, again, annoying at 3:30 a.m. with a baby who came in because of blood in the urine and then suddenly started having a minor sore throat in the waiting room, something that I would never normally rush to the ER for. I have to LOL at the whole thing because it was such a gong show… If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry!)



sick baby

So here we are back at square one. Still no poop (because though he finally went on Friday, he did not go again yesterday), now no blood in the urine, maybe a sore throat, a not as bad as it was fever. Oh and a dog!

Thankfully Bruce is such a good dog that his presence really didn’t complicate the whole two year old in the ER matter so much. But it does make for a crazy long story! LOL

If you read all of this, I applaud you… especially since there is no resolution! Little man is sitting watching a video right now and the new pooch is lying next to me on the floor. For obvious reasons I haven’t had time to upload pictures of Bruce yet. I will try and do it soon though.

Thanks for listening to this long and rambling whatever-it-was!

Sorry for all the body and potty talk in this post… I hope you all who come here for a form of entertainment don’t go away green and hate me forever! LOL Just keepin’ it real ya know? ;^P

16 thoughts on “This is a long updating post…

  1. Hey Nan, What a beautiful dog! I’m sorry about the lousy ER visit though. That can be so frustrating!!!Hope he feels better soon!c

  2. I’m not even going to get started on drs. or hospitals… but, I sure am sorry your little guy is under the weather and will pray he gets better very soon! Beautiful dog btw!

  3. The dog is gorgeous! Prayerfully, he’ll be the lifetime pet you’ve been looking for. I know the larger breeds tend to do better with boys!Hope your little one feels better soon. Being sick and little is the pits.

  4. Oh sorry cutie pie is sick. The ER visit was rediculous…I hate how they treat people in there. I have spent more than enough time there just for myself let alone my kids. Praying her gets better very soon. The dog is so beautiful. I am sure he will be a great addition to the family.

  5. If he wasn’t so miserable I would have suggested beets or something natural making his urine appear to be bloody.I hope he’s better soon.lots of water. lots and lots

  6. I hope your baby feels better soon. (If he has been constipated, he quite possibly bled a little from his bottom rather than in his pee, I would take him to your own doctor anyway, he may need an antibiotic if its a urine infection)Congratulations on the new family member. He is adorable.

  7. I adore your new woofie Nan. Sounds like he is going to be a great fit with your fam, filling that void for ya. I hope your little one gets to feeling better soon. Poor fella 😦

  8. Hi Nan,Congratulations on your new doggie – he sounds great!I hope your little guy gets better soon without another visit to the doctor. I would personally rather take a beating than go to the emergency room.

  9. Aw! What a gorgeous dog! And poor little guy with the fever. I hope things turn around soon for you.Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been “tagged” to blog 7 random things about you in an upcoming post. And then pass that “tag” around to 7 other people. Have fun with it!

  10. I loved reading your blog…it’s the first time I’ve stumbled across it. Beautiful dog and hope your little guy is feeling better! *elizabeth (also a Christian mom, writer-wannabe…no homeschooling…daughter is 6 mos old.) 🙂

  11. Wow, i am so sorry for your little guy. But I have to tell you that your very descriptive story actually sort of made me glad I have teenagers. It’s a different kind of stress–less pitiable and more frustrating, which I think a mom’s heart can actually handle better!

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