Other than when we were in California on vacation I can’t remember a week where I only blogged twice!

I think if they gave out this award, I would win it, hands down. No competition.

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Please note, this is not a real award created by Blogger!

Besides bringing Brucie home, it’s been a busy week. My two year old is all better and it turns out the blood was a “fluke” thing and was most likely completely unrelated to the virus he had. He felt 100% better after making up for the sleep he lost during that long night in the ER. But the bug has been passed around amongst the children and my 5 year 0ld now has it. Turns out it’s croup again. We had a long run of croup in September so I thought we had “done our time” but apparently it’s coming back for an encore! Blah!

So I was telling The Pastor how odd it was that I have not blogged very much at all this week. I said, “Well, it’s not even so much that the kids have been sick or that Bruce is requiring every last minute of my time… It’s just that… well, I’ve had nothing worthwhile to say.”

That’s a very odd sensation for me. If you know me at all this will not come as a shock to you.

Then, in a high pitched squeaky voice, he began singing the song Allison Krauss sang several years back, “You say it best when you say nothin’ at all…”

I looked blankly at him and said, “That might be a romantic notion but it’s not exactly a compliment when you are talking to a writer! (or a wannabe writer anyways)” He got a good chuckle out of that! :^D Glad I could entertain him.

Speaking of Brucie, not that I was speaking about him, but anyways, speaking of Brucie, I have become convinced that his one episode of being startled out of a deep sleep was most likely a fluke. He has been so eager to please, so docile and obedient and so patient with the children (even letting the two year old “ride” him [with me close by] when he’s resting on the floor) that I really think it was an isolated incident. He is just a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament and he’s so quick to learn. We are all delighted more and more every day with him. I already can’t imagine being without him.

So what have I been doing all of these days on which I had nothing worthwhile to say? Here is a boring list that will not interest you in the slightest because if they would interest you I would have had something worthwhile to say all of those days and would not have left you in suspense all this time for a truly bore-a-hole-in-your-head-and-pour-liquid-explosives-into-it-boring list. But because I still have nothing worthwhile to say you deserve an explanation, I will make the list and pray for your souls as I’m sure you will probably want to throw yourself off the nearest suspension bridge from sheer head banging boredom and you know you should not want to do that no matter how boring it is. That is why I will pray for your souls. Here is the list in all of it’s cruel-self-flagellation-inspiring-boringocity.

  • Reading dog training manuals
  • Reading about the history of the Golden Retriever. Ask me who Lord Tweedmouth is. I really know.
  • Avoiding folding laundry. The three baskets in the hall and the one mountain on the couch prove this.
  • Sneaking Halloween candy after the kids go to bed. (Just kidding.) No. I’m not just kidding. I really did do it. But just once. (Seriously.)
  • Taking my new boyfriend sweet overgrown pup for walks. (Gotta do penance for even the little bit of Halloween candy I’ve stolen.) He lives for walks.
  • Resenting the children’s tube of bright pink toothpaste because toothpaste is my arch nemesis because somehow there always ends up being an enormous crustified blob at the opening so that only a tiny hole is left for the tooth paste to squeeze out of. That and there always ends up being 47 various sized blobs of it all over the bathroom counter and sink and they are really hard to remove.
  • Teaching my little pupils in all their subjects. (Well, not the sick ones.)
  • Watching episode after episode of the BBC television series of James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small. We watch it every night in bed on The Pastor’s laptop computer.
  • Ripping my toe nails and finger nails off painfully. Slowly. Piece by piece. Little by little. Until all that remain are bloody little stumps.
  • Just kidding. But that does sound awfully boring right? And I promised you awfully boring so just in case all the other things on the list weren’t painfully boring enough I decided to embellish it a little bit. Sorry.
  • Waiting until the last possible minute to decide what is for dinner because kids being sick and me have nothing worthwhile to blog about generally coincide with a lack of luster and creativity in the cooking department.
  • Waiting for winter to fall. (That sounds uber boring doesn’t it?) It is falling tomorrow. We will have a high of 1 degree Celsius, but *much* colder (according to the weatherman) in the afternoon. Oh Joy. Rapture.

Anyways, that’s it. I told you it was boring. I’m praying for your soul right now.

Please step away from the suspension bridge.

8 thoughts on “I've been a bad blogger!

  1. Hello dear! I do miss your posts! I am so glad Bruce is working out for you. He is so beautiful and sounds so lovely.So sorry the croup is still running at your place. I hate that endless cycle of illness with young ones. I’ll be thinking about you all!melissa

  2. Not boring at all–sounds like the ups n downs of a busy life to me!When wee ones are sick, it takes alot more out of us moms than we realize, I think. Physical energy suffers but brain cells apparently do as well–ya know?!?I’ve enjoyed your blog lately–love your pics!Hope everyone in your house is on the mend soon.~~

  3. You may as well pass that award over to me – I haven’t been blogging regularly for a while now. It looks like you’ve been very busy. Oh & only sneaking candy once? I’ve been taking some daily, throughout the day. Really I’m just doing my kids’ teeth a favor. 😉

  4. Not to worry Nan, your loyal fans like me, (who read you all the time but rarely leave comments) your blog should come last on the list of things to do. You already know the priority order, you blogged that before.. ha ha.. This is just another season of life for you. Well time to go and look at my pile of laundry too! Have a great day and praying for a healthy home!

  5. Oh, I LOVE the BBC All Creatures Great and Small! I just reread all of James Herriot’s books this year. They’re really wonderful.

  6. Hey Nan, Glad you found something to say…=). Also glad that Bruce will get to stay!!! Maybe we’ll even get to meet the chap someday!

  7. I’ve just recently found your blog so you have to keep writing. 🙂 I am a christian stay-at-home mom also…of a 6 mo old…not homeschooling yet. 🙂 I’ve just linked to your blog from mine…also a wannabe writer. Just started the NaNoWriMo…ever thought about trying it out for size? Would love a link back but couldn’t get your hyperlink to work that you have set up here??? Anyway, not the hugest deal, but I’m a bit new in restarting back up blogging so my brain is barely working these days.Thanks for the fun blog.*elizabeth

  8. I hear ya…and the thing is, I’m kinda able to post something I want to post (so I don’t forget about it later), BUT, I’ve barely been able to read my Bloglines peeps :/. THAT part I hate! I used to be the most committed commentor EVAH. Now? Well, it definitely shows–after Fun Mondays, my readership plummets! I wish the interaction didn’t matter, but I sure miss my bluddies when I can’t visit (and they “forget” about me). I’m NOT wallowing, lol, but it’s the state of my life these days… You’re still a cutie-patootie, even when you’re a “bad blogger” (which you aren’t! You’re just livin’ life like the rest of us 🙂 ).

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