So today my three year old broke out in hives that migrated from his lower back (just after breakfast) to his torso, chest and head (where they currently still remain.) I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what it is (Acute Urticaria) but goodness, does the madness never end?! (We did take him in to a doctor btw. They said there was nothing other than Benadryl to do about it, which we had already done.)

Really. Life with children is never truly boring! It’s full of mysteries (“What did he eat that could have caused this rash, that offensive aftermath or the malodorous emission?”), intrigue (“Who is responsible for this large gash in the wall?!” or from today, “Who dumped water all over my printer/copier/scanner?!” or the question of the ages, “What in the name of all that is holy is that smell?!”) and excitement — if you consider long nights in the ER and lunchless afternoons wasted away in a walk-in clinic waiting room excitement that is.

Oh and pleasures too — I mean, I swear I am not the slightest bit biased when I tell you that my two year old is the cutest child that ever walked the earth (don’t even try to talk me out of this… your efforts will be in vain!) and my heart expands by several centimeters and I start lactating and ovulating and reconsidering the possibility of gestating every time I see him do or say something wonderfully new or funny or sweet or brave or even crazy. And that’s just the tip of the ice burg of course.

Really. Anyone who thinks motherhood is truly boring must be smoking rancid hamster shavings.

Looking forward to getting back to our crazy mixed up version of normal real soon because this crazy mixed up version of abnormal is really not doin’ anything for me, ya know?!

Late night update:

Little guy is at the ER with Dad right now. He came down with a fever on top of the rash, which is now all over his whole body (except his back, strangely enough). Please pray for him. :^( Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Seriously. Never a dull moment.

  1. Poor little guy. Definately in prayer. I was just this very morning remembering a rash that Giggles had at one point. Started on her trunk and worked its way out her extremeities. It’s amazing how their little bodies work to fight things off. And your guy is definately fighting it – that’s good! We’ll be prayerful for a quick recovery…

  2. I didn’t get home until 1:30 am due to the almost-two-year-old busting his nose up real good. Just wanted to chime in and let you know, I feel your pain *hugs*

  3. Ahhh, that poor lil guy! We will be praying for him. Nothing like the unpredictableness (is that a word?!?!) of life with small kids to through a wrench into any plans–or eating and sleeping for that matter! Please, update when you have the time. Jenn

  4. Oh dear, so sorry about the hives. Just this week a co-worker had to go pick up her 4th grader because his hands and feet were itching! She thought maybe he just wanted to be home, turns out he’s allergic to something … now the mystery begins!

  5. poor baby + mama + dad! i hope he’s well husband had those symptoms after he had some seafood soup.sunday night my daughter bumped the edge of the coffee table + blood was gushing out of her mouth + she was crying threw up a bunch of blood covered red stuff = i was freaking out (turned out to be strawberry popsicle). she had a gaping hole above her 2 front teeth where the gum meets the lip. we were going to take her to the er at the recommendation of a helpline nurser, when my husband googled her injury + found ripped frenulum’s heal without stitches. so yay! no all nighter in the er.

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