And we sound like a veritable disease factory! My three year old was diagnosed with Fifths Disease the other night at the ER. They got home at around 3 a.m. Yesterday he felt just awful and was down and out until mid-day today. I have no idea if the other children already got this or if they have yet to get it because it’s one of those bugs that often isn’t accompanied by any other symptoms but the fever. Some never get the telling rash and are unable to get a real diagnosis of it. Unfortunately I had the grim responsibility of letting my pregnant friends know that we may have unwittingly exposed them to this. Though the risk of problems is low, it still is not something we would knowingly let our children out of the house and around people with if we knew it was incubating inside of them.

This morning my 7 year old, who is just finally getting over a virus (which one I don’t know, there are a few that we are circulating here!), suddenly had a gushing bloody nose.

Not long after that the baby squished his finger between a chair and a table. While comforting him I could hear deep in his throat as he inhaled the telltale seal bark of CROUP, which my 5 year old is finally coming off of. He ate lunch and went down for his nap and just woke crying and barking like a sea lion during mating season (not that I’ve seen or heard that… but I’m guessing it’s loud. That’s just a hunch though.)

Despite all this, we had decided to tackle really getting back into school today. Of all days. Everyone has been so sick and miserable that we’ve hardly touched the books for over a week. Oh well, we’ve read lots and just laid low. I do wonder when we will ever get back to normal. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how blessed we are that children routinely survive childhood these days, which of course was not the case even just 100 years ago. The thought is frightening I must admit.

(Obviously turning a corner to more serious talk…)

I mean the super bugs are starting to outsmart and outlive the antibiotics that we throw at them like so much spit on a forest fire, and I have the foreboding feeling that childhood will once again become the most treacherous season of life to live through. I certainly hope this is not the case and I do certainly have a great deal of faith in human ingenuity and our ability to conquer the wee beasties of virulent infections of all sorts but I just can’t scrub that lingering… fear, I guess you would call it.

But God is sovereign no matter what and I thank Him for each of my children. What a blessing they are.

Just waiting until this wave is over because that is what it is and that is what we are doing… just riding the waves. And when we finally get fully recovered from this, we have our flu shots to look forward to! ***sigh***

To add to it, tomorrow is supposed to be miserably cold and blustery. (update: I was going off of an outdated forecast. Thankfully it’s not supposed to be too bad!)

UPDATE: My 7 year old has croup now too.

***double sigh***

I think you might just stop stopping by here as it has become a rather depressing infirmary.

14 thoughts on “These posts are getting really run of the mill…

  1. Hi, Nan. I am a new reader, and am really enjoying your blog. We are also dealing with lots of ickies here. Youngest has the croup right now. It’s tiring, but I’m so glad to not have the demands of outside school or work in the middle of it all. We can just stay home (in our jammies), and snuggle and get better. Take care!

  2. Sometimes I think we as christians forget the AWESOME power we have in our Lord. I know that when our family went through something similar to what it sounds like ya’ll are going through with the endless bouts of illness it was VERY hard for me as the mom to have to see my kids struggle with illness after illness each one passing on the “bug” they had to the next. I know for me there is nothing worse than having my babies sick and feeling powerless to instantly take their pain and discomfort away. But a dear frind from church came over and reminded me “Hey lady we have the healing saving blood of Christ on our side. We can come to the foot of the cross and cover our pain with the blood of Christ. We can stand rightous in our place in the Lord’s family and cast that sickness back into the world by the name of Jesus. We will walk through this home wth anointing oil and pray blessings and health into each and every room!” (she is very foward and very bold in her walk with Christ) I know I am probably preaching to the choir here and this is probably the longest comment in recent history….but I needed the reminder I got from my friend and it was the moral boost I needed to shake myself loose of the dulldrums I had fallen into. I also went into my kids rooms for the next week everynight after they had fallen asleep and anointed them with oil and prayed healing over them. The were all well shortly after and I know it was the Lord stepping in and answering the prayers of a mother who for a short time had forgotten where her strength came from. Whew! 🙂 Talk about getting that off my chest! LOL Our prayers are with your family! Michelle S.

  3. Hi Nan! I read but never comment … until now! LOL! I sure do understand “riding the waves”!! Our family’s waves aren’t illness (yet!), but it sure has been a roller coaster of events over the past several months.Just wanted to let you know I won’t be stopping visiting you! I will be praying though!!Theresa

  4. Boy Nan! What a terrible thing to have so many not feeling well! I will certainly be praying for healing and for strength for you as you play nurse to them all. Having little ones sick is no easy thing. Hang in there my friend!

  5. I’m so sorry you guys are feeling so bad. Having just come off a week or so of the crud, I can sympathize with you. Maybe you’re getting your share of illness early in the season and won’t have to worry about it through Christmas.

  6. I hope your children feel better. As for the pregnant friends, they probably ust have to get a shot. When I was pregnant, because I was a teacher I had to get one. No big deal. The antibiotic thing is a big deal. One theory behind the increase in allergies today is because of the “cleanliness” and “antibacterial” world we live in now. Since everything is so sterile, our bodies are fighting the tiniest things that come into contact with our immune system. Crazy!

  7. Hi! I just found your blog and I wanted to reach out and give you a big cyber (((Hug!)) My kiddos have been sick lately and I know that it’s so hard on the Momma. It sounds like you all have been going through so much. I will keep you and your family in my prayers for strength and wellness.:)

  8. Goodness! It kinda makes you forget that as HSers we are supposed to be healthier and skip all these nasty viruses! I hope you are all feeling better soon – I know what it’s like to miss so much school and then try to get caught up! I’ll be praying that your family is healthy again soon!

  9. Sorry Nan! I’ve been trapped in for about a week too. Hope you guys will be on the mend soon!Love from Texas,CorrieP.S. Please send some cold our way…we were sweating yesterday!!!

  10. I’m surprised that they catch all this stuff when you home school them. They shouldn’t be exposed to so much.I’m trying to remember what I did as a working mom when the kids were sick. It’s like a big blank in my head.

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