Is it really possible? I don’t know for sure and I sure as heck am not holding my breath but today was the first day (knock on particle board) that nobody felt truly awful. I mean, everyone still has stuffy heads and runny noses and coughs but by golly, we felt somewhat human.

Tonight we even did something fun. My oldest son decided he wanted to make a pair of medieval knight boots so we got out a roll of duct tape and created a plan and BAM… KNIGHT BOOTS! This post title could have just as easily been, “Fun with duct tape!” because we really did have fun.



Mom and Dad get really into these projects. We cannot help ourselves. There is something seriously fun about duct tape. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world I think. One of God’s more ingenious creations, by proxy I mean… whomever invented duct tape was created by God and therefore we thank God for that nameless inventor now ***moment of silence***.

So, just how carried away do Mom and Dad tend to get?

Well, it was essential that a knight have a helmet. (Too bad it ended up too small for knight boy… but his brothers don’t mind!)


And then of course my three year old is turning four tomorrow (YAY!) and though he doesn’t know it, all of his gifts have a super hero theme to them. It was only fitting that he and his trusty companion, Super Woofy, be given the appropriate attire. Super Woofy was in dire need of a super hero get up. He got a vest (all super heroes wear vests right?!) and a mask as did his master. Super Woofy doesn’t know it yet but both he and his master are going to receive super hero capes tomorrow too!


But then of course the other brothers needed masks too, right?


Thanks for all of your warm and encouraging thoughts and prayers while we’ve been sick. As I said, I’m still not sure that we are completely well yet but feeling even somewhat human again is indeed a good sign!

Bruce is still with us and, as my oldest son put it, “is getting a tutor.” Because he is such a pleasant dog in so many ways, we decided that it would be worth it to consult a professional trainer. She is coming to the house tomorrow and she has encouraged me with her assurances that we can indeed lick this problem. If she had any reservations I would have definitely made the choice to let Bruce go but based on her feeling that this is a manageable problem and one that can be fixed, we have decided to give it a go. I’ll keep you posted with any developments along the way.

P.S. If you are having trouble viewing this because of several pesky gray boxes, I apologize! But click on the time stamp at the bottom of the post and you shouldn’t have the problem. I don’t know why this happens!

10 thoughts on “Could the clouds be lifting?

  1. LOVE it! And the dog? What a hoot!As a mom with three sons of my own, I know what fun they can be. :DThanks for sharing your photos.Elysa Mac

  2. *snort* I love your family, Nan! You DO know you can get duct tape in multiple colors, right? The possibilities are endless. The boots are my favorite.

  3. Ah, colored duct tape. It’s a good and glorious thing. It’s my favorite resource for bible school decorations.

  4. Have you ever checked out the duct tape prom dresses they make every year? It is amazing what you can do. You can see previous years winners Here.

  5. Glad you’re back in the land of the living! Having one child sick is rough, but all of them is the pits.Looks like you’re fully recovered and back to making great memories!

  6. How cute! Who knew duct tape could serve so many purposes? The super hero theme sounds fun! Happy birthday to your little boy!

  7. Oh no, my 9 yo ds just saw this and ran out of here. My guess is that he is getting the roll of duct tape his dad bought especially for him!

  8. You are one creative family. You should have a duct tape day blogging meme. Can you imagine all the things that might be shared.When my middle daughter was in nursing school she made a little extra money “tutoring” —When her 4 year old heard her tell someone that she “tutored in chemistry”…he thought she meant Toootered and was quite impressed that his mom would do that.

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