You’ve been warned. This post is very picturey today!

My 7 year old is really into medieval knights and all that good stuff as you may remember from my recent duct tape post. He’s also a talented little artist. Recently I’ve been collecting and scanning his best pieces of artwork. Here is a recent sampling:

knight on horse

knight king

This guy has a rather long torso but I still really like him.

knight 2


This morning I was just meandering through my Flickr pages and decided to repost a couple of my favorite pictures from the last several months… bear with me if you will…










j3 smile w/ leaves

B5 scrunched up face


pipers' feet6

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Canada Geese taking off

fence, train track and old carts

red flower, saturated

Train reflection 2

boy in fireman helmet

c/u chicken









purple cone flower close up

skate feet.jpg

b in tree.jpg



Okay… that’s maybe enough. Wait a minute…

A in tree.jpg


Okay, yeah. That’s enough.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

14 thoughts on “Image onslaught!

  1. Wow, his drawings just keep getting better and better. You have quite an artist on your hands. Love, love, love the other pics, you are quite the photographer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wow, what amazing pictures Nan. Do you ever visit Tara Whitney’s blog, your photos remind me of hers, you should take peoples pictures for money, check out her price guide, LOL. LOVE the drwawings too, what talent.

  3. Hi! I’m nikkit3 from the fishbowl! I found your blog on the fishbown blogring. I haven’t figured out (yet) who you are in the fishbowl yet:-) Anyway…your photos are AMAZING!!!! You are a very talented photographer. If we were neighbors, I’d ask you to teach me!

  4. Your artist has gotten very good and with knights he has a lot of detail to go after. Very cool.Now for your pictures, I love them. There are so many that I like but I can’t pick a favorite.

  5. Ok, there was one photo that stood out from the rest. The photo you took from the base of the tree. Wow. That one is amazing, breathtaking even. Please don’t think that the others weren’t great, it’s just that one caught my eye.And your son is showing a lot of talent.jean

  6. Neat!! I loved seeing those. I agree — the four boys one was so unbelievably cute. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh… one more thing.That second oldest child of yours looks like he could do some real damage to his brother if he got angry enough. The whole build difference reminded me of the difference in my two oldest. #2 can put the hurt on #1 if he gets mad enough.

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