Don’t you love it when you overhear your kids playing and they say something terribly cute?

My three younger boys were playing trains and cars while my oldest was just delving into his first multiplication lesson (which he is loving by the way!)

The children of course were making the cars and trains talk to each other. In a high pitched pretending voice, my five year old made his train or car say, “I’m going to Yew Nork City. I don’t know where it is but I heard of it and I’m going there. Are you going to come to Yew Nork City with me?”

Yew Nork. This is the same child that, when he was three, called eye brows, owe breys and still cannot get potatoes and tomatoes straight. Made me smile…

5 thoughts on “Cute…

  1. Hey Nan, That is so sweet. I would love to go to Yew Nork sometime! Wanna go? Also LOVED the Saving Up entry and his little schedule. You have one bright boy on your hands!!!Love to you all,Happy American Thanksgiving…I know your’s is past.Corrie

  2. i love your pictures here and i think i remember reading that you haven’t had your camera that long. are you self-taught or did you take some classes when you got it? i think i’m getting one for christmas, the canon slr and i’m scared i won’t be able to take the beautiful pictures i see other people taking.

  3. aww that’s just too cute!reminds me of my Nugget..holding a cylindrical wooden block to his chin ‘look mom, I’m ramses with my root beard’ : giggle :kids are just so doggone cute!!

  4. Chickadee, thanks so much for the compliments! I am self taught for the most part… I had 1 semester of a photography class in 12th grade but I can tell you that I was too busy flirting with boys to remember just about anything from it! (And to be honest… it wasn’t even that great a class except for the fact that we got to get out of the classroom a lot and run around campus being idiots and taking pictures…) ***rolls eyes*** But other than that, yup, self taught. I do give the camera an awful lot of credit. It’s a thing of beauty!

  5. That is SO sweet! I love it. Here’s wishing you and your beautiful family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

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