Today we went on our first sledding expedition of the season. It’s been bitterly cold this week with highs hanging right around the minus teens (C) but with wind chill it feels quite a bit cooler. Needless to say we don’t do a whole lot of playing out in this weather. Minus 10 Celsius is okay playing weather. Below that and you really have to be doing a good bit of moving about to keep warm enough to actually enjoy it.

We got all of our school done on time and were starting to feel the symptoms of cabin fever rising so we decided that we really needed to go sledding. If you think wrangling 4 boys and a dog into a Christmas picture is difficult, wrestling them into snow suits, mitts, boots and toques (winter hats for all you Americans who have no idea what I just said… it’s pronounced TOOKS)… where was I? Oh yeah, wrestling them into all their winter gear is enough to make an innocent bystander consider a lifetime of celibacy or permanent sterilization.

It doesn’t matter that you are doing it all for love. Doesn’t matter if you are just determined to give your kids the childhood you never had (I did have a childhood, for the record… just not a whole lot of snow.) It wouldn’t matter if you offered them enough junk food to cause a gaping black hole in each and every one of their teeth for their cooperation. No matter what, in this house at least, there seems to be the sounds of death and pain and weeping and gnashing of teeth and snarling and all manner of ghastly cries. Boots are misplaced, snow suits that fit in May are too small now, super thick socks have been mysteriously sucked into Sockland, a distant land in another dimension peopled entirely with young single socks looking for mates… a place yet undiscovered by humans (but we know it’s out there… darn it!) (Get it? DARN it?) Okay… moving on….

But really, it’s all worth it. (By the way, I’m sorry if I’ve just inadvertantly surgically removed your biological clock and you suddenly feel no desire to bear children.)

We had a blast. Bruce was in doggy winter wonderland. I’ve never seen him quite that happy. He even got to try his paw at mushing.

It was good for the kids to get out. I am still figuring out how to take decent pictures in the snow. It messes with the white balance and the lighting so I messed up some pictures that could have been really good. Oh well. Live and learn! AND (drumroll please) now I have Photoshop (Christmas came early!!) and can fix at least a few of the problems. This one is still super fuzzy but otherwise, cute.


DSC_0035 copy


Look at this guy. He looks like he has a case of elephantitis… and blueberryitis. These cursed snow suits make strapping a kid into the car seat a really spiritually humbling experience.

DSC_0047 copy


Oh and more mushing.

8 thoughts on “Sledding and Dog Sledding

  1. Nan, you made me laugh. I used to do that very same song and dance when we lived in Finland. It never failed that once I got the final mitten on I would get the I need to go potty song. Boy do I not envy you that one. Glad you finally got your Photoshop. I got mine recently to and am still trying to figure it all out. Looks like you still had a fun day.

  2. Minus teens and snow?! Okay, I’m not grumbling any more about the mid-40’s. Obviously, I’m a big, fat whiner. Photoshop? I’m so jealous. Congratulations, and the kids are cute, cute, cute.

  3. I can not imagine with those temps must feel like!! I know the snow and winter gets old for you, but it looks like you all had a lot of fun. I would love for my boys to experience sledding at least once. In Texas we are lucky if we get one good snow a year. Fun pics!

  4. Okay, my curiosity is killing me… what is Drankland? I see that this post was linked from a post there… What can I say, I hate it when I am not in the know! LOL What is Drankland? :^D Someone indulge my curiosity please!Oh and really… as cold as this is… it gets much colder at times… this isn’t even booger freezing weather yet. When we are having booger freezing weather, that is generally when I start feeling like I live in a winter wasteland, as opposed to a winter wonderland. I could never live further North than this. Brrr!

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