I’m just tinkering with my new toy.

Exhibit A: My kids cavorting like woodland elves through the forest of Kananaskis Country.
kids in the mountains

Exhibit B: My silly niece decked out in leopard print. And a dangerously loud fuzzy hat that you might see in a Mardi Gras parade.
silly girl

Exhibit C: My dashing and available (or not available… I haven’t chatted with him in a while… to be continued) big brother with an apparent drug induced swirl of happiness in the background.

Photoshop is definitely as cool as I thought it would be. And as big of a learning curve as I thought it would be. Lots to learn. In the mean time, you must suffer with my Photoshop child’s play! ((Throws head back in maniacal laughter)) Haaahahahahahaha! (That, if you were unaware, was an evil witch’s cackle.)

4 thoughts on “Don't mind me…

  1. Nan, Which photoshop are you using? I am assuming on your Mac. I just upgraded to a new iMac and can’t decide if I should purchase PS elements 4 for Mac or wait until 5 comes out next Spring. Are you running Leopard too? I am really missing my PSE and am thinking about hooking back up my PC just to use it.

  2. What a FUN new toy you have there! I love your woodland elves!Fun stuff :)I hope y’all are completely on the mend from all your sickness.~Happy Monday!

  3. Best of luck with your new toy! I just started trying to play around with Paintshop and I haven’t had too much luck with it, but i also don’t entirely understand my camera! Information overload at this point in life…

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