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Momtreprewhatawho? If you are thinking, “What the fuzzy-wig is this lady talking about? She must really like making up new words.” Well, you’d be right. As far as I know, I did make up this word. If you heard the word Momtrepreneur before last March, well then I suppose it’s possible that someone else got to it before I did. That always happens to me. I come up with a really great marketable idea that I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER seen before and finally I say to The Pastor, “You know what they ought to make? No… I am going to make it. And I will make a fortune off of them because everyone needs one… Everyone needs a ____________. (Fill in the blank.)” And then inevitably I see exactly what I had pictured in my head within the next two weeks. Always happens. So, it’s clear that I’m not cut out as an inventor. Not because I don’t have good marketable ideas. Just because I’m too darn slow.

Oh well. Hopefully someday I can be a Momtrepreneur even if I routinely miss the boat on becoming a world renowned inventor-mom. But until that day I will happily shine the spotlight on other moms who are out there being moms AND running successful businesses at the same time. These ladies make my heart go pitter patter just a little bit faster because they are go-getters.

Michelle Davenport is one such lady. Aprons are her game and you can only guess that this little tidbit put her on my good side. I’m an apron aficionado myself. So I will just hand it over to Michelle for the rest of the story!

Michelle Davenport – President of Need Aprons, Inc.

Hi! I am Michelle Davenport owner of Need Aprons, Inc. I was born and raised in Georgia. Yes I do have that deep southern drawl. I’m told I have an accent that is a cross between Reba McEntire and Paula Deen. I’ve been married to my husband Tony for 15 years and we have one son named Auston. I have been a WAHM for about 3 years now and how that came about is an interesting story. I earned my college degree in Computer Information Systems and worked for over 10 years climbing my way up the corporate ladder to be one of the two top level IS executives in the company. It wasn’t very long after I finished my degree that I out grew the company and their technology. I was basically the “Maytag Man”, hanging out until something broke – I was bored! During that time I had always piddled around with selling on eBay. So I began working harder at building my eBay presence and finally against everyone telling me I was nuts, I followed my dream of being a Work at Home Mom. I continued selling on eBay for a year and realized there just wasn’t enough income coming in so I set out to find part time employment in the computer industry. I was lucky enough to land an interview with an apron manufacturer. We talked about everything but the job I was actually interviewing for. We got on the subject of eBay and he asked if I would like to take a box of aprons and try them on eBay. I, being an avid eBay seller for so many years, knew that aprons would be a hit! After a few weeks of analyzing the market and the need I was hooked on Aprons! In February 2006 was born! Need Aprons, Inc. was a success with clients that now include Walt Disney MGM, Bourjois Cosmetics in Paris, Dollywood, Neiman Marcus and recently the “My Name is Earl” Show! How cool is that!! Being a work at home mom I have gotten more into the art of home making, the cooking, cleaning, nurturing etc. Although my professional aprons do so well, I prefer the more girly girl look of Retro Aprons and gloves when I’m working around the house. I searched for the best of the best and in January of 2007 I opened my second Internet store where I sell only retro aprons and girly girl things for the home and personal use.


Michelle Davenport
Need Aprons, Inc.

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