Okay, so I’m a Photoshop Beaver in training. And the training part shows. But gosh, I’m having fun.

First thing’s first. I made this collage of a bunch of the pictures of roses that I took last Summer in California… mostly because I was practicing various PS techniques but I decided to turn it into a thank you card to my mom and dad for paying for part of my new toy as my Christmas gift. I love my parents. They love helping all of their children in so many tangible ways. They serve people tirelessly and work hard. They work so very hard. And they are so good to their kids. Thanks Mom and Dad for all that you do and have done. We will miss you this Christmas! I hope that we will be able to serve you as patiently and lovingly as you have served us through the years.

Flower Garden

Then I was playing with color and his eyes in this picture of my oldest son. I love this picture.




And after… it’s a small change but I can tell the difference. Can you?

I’ve posted this picture before. First time, I posted it as a black and white…

Today I souped up his eyes and worked on the color…

And then I played with this colorful picture of baskets that I took at a street fair in Portland, Oregon that we took in during our train layover last June.

I applied and unapplied (Is that a word? No. It’s not. my computer just underlined it to make sure I knew what an idiot I was being. It doesn’t know that I really like making up words though.) all sorts of effects but I liked the “ripple” effect the best this time.


So, as you can see. I’m just working my little Photoshop Beaver teeth down to the gums on these toothpicks. Eventually I’ll move on to real Photoshop logs and entire dams. But for now, the toothpicks are lots of fun.

This conversation is now making my teeth hurt. I think I’m going to go floss. Or not.

9 thoughts on “I'm just a busy little Photoshop Beaver.

  1. I love what you did with the baskets.I recently was playing around with PS – and changed my son’s eyes – made them a little bluer. My daughter wanted me to do hers too – but I had to change them to pink. It was hilarious.Dreaming What Ifs…

  2. I love these! I haven’t yet done much with the “cool effects” within Photoshop. I just recently made my new masthead on my blog, though. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty. I need to get a “Photoshop for Dummies” book or something. It’s torturous trying to figure it out all on my own. Great job!:0)Maria

  3. LOVE the baskets . . .My GilGuy is a PS pro, but I’ve never seen him use the ripple effect on any of our shots. Nice technique, girl! 🙂

  4. I haven’t delved into digital scrapbooking yet. I’m scared. I am scared of another addiction!! LOL My mind is already in several different directions… I know if I sent it in one more direction I’d be hooked and never be able to turn back!Thanks for your comments ladies!!

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