I’ve read Ree’s blog since the day it was born. And I’ve entered every single one of her contests. I’ve even managed to get honorable mention three times but NOW my entry, Unbridled Soul, is up for a vote!!! YEEHAWW!!! (Did I just say that?!) Unless it was taken by someone else first, which I don’t really think it was since I read through most the entries first…

Anyways!! YAY!!!!! I’m not saying you should go vote for me…. but well…. I wouldn’t argue with you if you *really* wanted to!

5 thoughts on “EEEEKKKKK!! I'm up for a vote at Ree's!!!

  1. Oooo, Nan, I’m so thrilled for you :). I thought mine might’ve had a chance this time, but no such luck :(. Congratulations and I hope you win!!I got a mention once a long, long time ago, but it was with several others. I wish I could come up with one sharp enough to at least be in contention…but so far that eludes.Bummer (but again, happy for YOU!).Robin @ PENSIEVE

  2. I am going to try this again. (having entry difficulties)I thought yours was the best of the lot. I voted for yours. It was the best title for that picture!melissa

  3. Dang, Nan…I was soooo pullin’ for ya. Pioneer Girl was a “natural” choice, but it would’ve been cool if you won with Unbridled Soul.Next time??? That is, if I don’t come up with something brilliant (I think you’re pretty safe, lol).Robin @ PENSIEVE

  4. Thanks girls! :^D It was, of course, just fun being in the running. I probably would have spent it all on my nieces and my friends’ babies (still in utero) because we get a lot of hand me downs and I don’t need *any* more laundry to do or bedroom floor stuff to pick up! LOLY’all are so sweet!

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