Well, you know me… I’m just sitting here at my desk piddling away with Photoshop. I took this photo at Lake Louise several weeks back. You know, before it was frozen solid. I love this picture. It really is one of my favorites yet.


Tonight I turned it into a postcard. It’s for you. So, now you can say you’ve received a postcard from Canada. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Lake Louise Postcard Practice

Oh, but look on the back! It says:

Dear Blog Reading Friends,

I like you. You’re nice. Thanks for always being there. Even though I can’t see you, I know you exist. I hope you like this postcard. It’s even prettier in real life. The lake, not the postcard. Come for a visit and I’ll give you a free popsicle; hand made by me and frozen by the enormous freezer that is outside my backdoor.


But goodness I just couldn’t stop there. Making postcards is just too much fun it turns out. Here are two more. I always like to show you the before and after. I don’t know why. It must be from having watched one too many makeover shows.

Here is my spooky tree before becoming a postcard. Well, sort of before. Sort of after a sepia filter had been added. But I didn’t have the really and truly before in my Flickr and I’m lazy. So, sort of before is as good as you’re gonna get.:


And spooky tree as a postcard:


Remember my little Woodpecker friend, for whom I trudged through more than one thorny thicket?


And Here is Mr. Woodpecker as the cover bird on a postcard. Even though a postcard doesn’t have a cover. It just has a front and back. But front bird doesn’t have the same ring to it as cover bird.


Turn this one over and you read this note:

Dear Faithful Blog Reader,

I love you. So I am sending you this postcard with a picture of a sharp beek-ed bird who could probably have taken my eye out in one peck if he had gotten annoyed enough with me. But I did it all for you. It’s all about you. The things we do for love.

Your affectionate blogging friend,

18 thoughts on “Postcards from Nan

  1. Your hilarious! ha ha Beautiful picture though – you are a veteran already with that camera~ Have a great day!

  2. Okay, Nan, someone from one of those places would probably love to buy one – or all – of those postcards. I would, if I were them. Of course, I’m prejudiced!MomYou know I love the “cabin on the lake” one.

  3. I didn’t realize you lived near Lake Louise…my husband planned our honeymoon at the Farmont Chateau on Lake Louise…it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been so far. BTW…love the photoshop stuff. :-)*elizabeth

  4. Very creative! I always think you take great pictures. What kind of camera do you use?Stacie (www.everyday-reflections.com)

  5. Thanks for the postcards:) I admire you – I have never lived north of the Mason/Dixon line – so I don’t know how you do it. I freeze just looking at the photos from you deck with it’s first dusting of snow. Snow in September??? I could NEVER to that. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us.

  6. Hi everyone! Glad you liked them! Really, it’s so addictive. I think I’m going to make more tonight. There are so many steps to learn in Photoshop that you really have to do them at least four or five times before they start coming naturally. Right now I have to do and undo a lot of times before getting things as I want them. I’m obviously a hands on learner. :^DStacie, I have a Nikon D80. Got it in June and really love it. It’s changed the way I think about taking pictures.

  7. ROFL, Those are great. I really like the lake one but the woodpecker one is to funny. Glad your having such fun with your photoshop.

  8. Great job Nan! Love your post cards :)(and on a side note..any idea why blogger now only allows me to use a google/blogger identity, a simple nickname or anonymous? it used to have a place for me to type my blog addy in there..don’t think it’s anything *you* have done, noticed it on another blogger blog as well..just…wonderin’ if you knew ??)

  9. Nan – I don’t know what the trouble is, but I don’t think my email to you worked out. My dear husband is *not* here to help me figure out what all he changed and rearranged on my laptop! *grin* Anyway – my email is pamperspinecones@yahoo.comSorry for all the tech issues. Jacci

  10. Awesome Pics. Makes me want to get my camera out and go take some pics. Pure Inspiration, ThanksCongratulations on receiving the Homeschool Blogging Award nomination. You’re part of a great bunch.We are having a Homeschool Book Giveaway at http://Heartofwisdom.com/blog A new book will be given away each week (Bloggers receive three entries by posting a link). Thanks. Robin @ HeartofWisdom http://heartofwisdom.com/blog

  11. Thanks for the postcards; I feel so loved.Photoshop drives me nuts. I must be older than you…and PW…I seem to be unable to learn to use it. Enjoy the baby!

  12. I so have to take a day and play with my photshop. I have it and it is installed I just have not figured it out. Now I have to. Sarah

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