Insert all sorts of shock and astonishment and curious looks here because I know that you didn’t really believe me when I told you how addictive Photoshop can be. Wipe that look off your face now and let’s get down to bidness.

You know how when you’re really pregnant and your baby is turning all sorts of seemingly unsafe gymnastics in your stomach? It’s better than t.v. right? Really. It’s far more entertaining to sit and watch your belly at that point in life.

Well, Photoshop is sort of that way. But not really. I mean, well… it’s nothing like that except that it’s better than t.v. too. And Photoshop is my new baby. Other people want to have it’s babies… an understandable emotion when confronted with such wonderfulness. I, on the other hand, consider it to be the new baby because I have a raging case of baby fever that will go completely unfulfilled. So Photoshop is the new baby. Don’t feel the need to throw a shower or anything. It’s another boy. I’ve named him Phred and I’m sure he won’t mind getting hand-me-downs from the other boys. Just kidding. I didn’t name him.

So, pretend postcards are the way I’m entertaining myself nowadays, as I told you already. They also happen to be really useful for reinforcing what I’m learning through my training videos and online tutorials. Here are the ones I did tonight.

Here’s one that wouldn’t exactly sell in a gift shop. But it has a story to go with it.


I took this one that day at Lake Louise. (click to go to my flickr page where you can select “all sizes” to see any of these in a larger format.)


My hubby actually took this picture. I just played with the colors and effects…


I took this picture of my favorite kind of tree (Redwood) in one of my favorite places in the world, Mount Hermon, where my husand and I met almost 13 years ago. Yikes. Has it been that long?


The Gray Jay…

Gray Jay PC

And my absolute favorite. I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of this one.


11 thoughts on “Oh my. What have we here?

  1. Oh Nan, what fun stuff!!I thought my free photo editing software was enough until a couple weeks ago and now I’ve revised my Christmas list ;)Keep sharing, tis fun to see your pics!~~

  2. My favorite was the redwood – till I saw Alcatraz. THAT is really cool. I love it – makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean.Just think of all you can do to the kids now that you have Photoshop… the possibilities for blackmail are endless. (Not that I believe in blackmail. But sometimes, with kids, it’s handy to have around. You know…just in case. ;P)

  3. hubby installed photoshop on my computer and I shudder each time I open it.I need to do the tutorials. I’m beginning to think I’m too old to learn it.It actually makes me mad because it is not user easy

  4. Hey, I have been to Santa Cruz and Alcatraz… Actually, just on that ferry thing that goes around the bridge. You pictures are better than I remember it. I was 3 months pregnant and nausea was my companion.

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