Nor for those who do not get enough calcium in their diet. We went ice skating for the first time this evening because at 0 degrees Celsius, it was a nice balmy night.

The boys had a blast. All three of the bigger boys picked up right where they left off. Our four year old, who wouldn’t even stand up on the ice last year, wouldn’t sit down! He just kept poking along with his trainer (metal thing that he leans on, not a personal ice skating teacher) and popping back up each time he fell.

The Pastor was going at a nice clip too. After getting used to being on the ice again he whipped out the hockey sticks and puck that we had brought along. Falling while ice skating usually happens so fast that you can barely recount just what happened or what preceded it. He was going after the puck and was then suddenly horizontal. This coincided with a hefty thud. I was sure he broke his arm. Nope. Still intact.

Calcium. It does a body good.

Still, I think he’s going to be sore tomorrow.

After racing around the rink several times I decided to try my hand at chasing a puck. I don’t think I’ll do it again because I almost did an instant replay of my husband’s painful maneuver. Except when he fell his arm was flat against his side. I fell onto my hand which, not surprisingly, is connected to my arm which was locked at the elbow. Ow. That really hurts. I’ve never even come close to breaking my arm, but that had to be the closest I felt I have come to it.

I can’t imagine how I’d mother without a working right arm. I mean, I know others have managed it… gosh, I saw a show once about a mother who successfully mothers with no legs and pushed her baby around on a skateboard to get from room to room, so I’m sure I’d survive a couple weeks in an arm cast but I really don’t want to experiment with that theory if I don’t have to. Ya know?

Anyways, other than that, we had a lovely time. And I discovered that I take really bad pictures when it’s dark outside. Because it’s too… umm… dark.

Off to take some Advil and go to bed.

3 thoughts on “Ice hockey. It's not for the faint of heart.

  1. Yep, this time of the year is all about hockey and darkness, too. (And Christmas, but you know what I mean.) And our only real form of entertainment during these short, dark days is watching the weather forecasters get it wrong time after time after time. It just cracks us up.:0)~Maria

  2. When I fell on the ice last year and bruised my tailbone, I realized I am just not a kid anymore. I’m into risk managment now.

  3. At the end of August, my mother and I took my four children (10,6,3 and 9 months) on a last vacation before school. As my two girls love horses, I took them riding (I used to ride all the time). Well, I should say, sitting on a horse. The horse that I was sitting upon with my 3 year old, took two steps and promptly fell completely over to the right. I fell to the left BUT caught dear child. I shattered my wrist and broke my elbow completely. Fast forward to major surgery, a cast covering my fingers and continuing to my shoulder. I wasn’t allowed to be alone with the kids for 9 weeks. Then, I still couldn’t drive for another 2 weeks! It was a challenge on a great day. But, God was so very gracious. I am a single mom so my angelic mom moved in with me (and in God’s timing, the night she went home my sweet little sister went into labor and had her baby – not a day too soon). My Bible study cooked all our dinners. They paid for a housekeeper, drove my kids everywhere, and even took care of us for an entire week so that my mom could have a break (my ex mother in law came too but that is another comment in the good but odd sense). It was absolutely incredible! And last night, my sweet kiddos asked me if we are going ice skating this Christmas. I laughed until I cried as I explained that I am retired from skating, skiing, horseback riding and anything else questionable. But here’s the crazy part – I wouldn’t change the experience for anything. We are closer as a family and I learned to really depend on Christ – I couldn’t work and God provided not only for my needs but he provided JOY in the moments. Crazy, huh!?!

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