Click that title and then watch the video… I don’t know if I’m glad that I watched that or not. Let’s just say I will never drink from a hotel glass again!!

12 thoughts on “Ahhhh!!!!

  1. Ugh!Couldn’t watch the whole thing but this is why I like those little plastic wrapped disposable cups they leave sometimes.DD1 is a flight attendant so we no longer use those little pillows or blankets the airlines give you either. AND I make her spray every hotel room with industrial strength stuff (Fullsan from Fuller Brush). Yes I am germaphobic. PS I sub to you thru bloglines. You crack me up…DD3 and I rolled reading your Christmas photo post. Don’t know who was funnier…the one sewed to the couch or the dog..or maybe Mr Waytoohappy. We have a series of photos that involves Beloved’s backside I should post.

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Okay – so, now I have to add drinking glasses to the long line of things NOT to touch in hotel rooms!(and I am remembering EVERY time I ever drank out of a hotel glass – shudder in horror)Dreaming What Ifs…

  3. I am going to start taking my own glasses or demand the disposable tumblers, I mean cups. Great site, continue the great work.

  4. oh yuck. I used to complain about having disposable cups in my hotel room but no more. I think I’ll just pack my own.

  5. I don’t even like to think about what is on the bed covers.Did you know the dirtiest thing in the room is the TV remote control???Yeah… I think the glasses are probably cleaner, but only because they sprayed that cleaner on them.

  6. No matter how many times I see this, my response is always “Eeewww!”After this story first broke, our local news did a hidden camera test at some hotels here in St. Louis. Same result. A couple of months ago we went on a weekend trip with family. We did not choose the hotel. When we got there, the toilet was dirty…black bacteria around the waterline, etc. I called and asked if I could get some disinfectant to clean it. The owner’s wife showed up, inspected the toilet, then left our room. She returned with a glove on her hand and some cleaner, then proceeded to take a wash cloth and stick her hand in the bowl. After that, she used the same cloth to clean the seat at lid. Then she took a hand towel and dried the seat and lid. I was grossed out by the toilet being cleaned with water from the bowl, and with the thought that the wash cloth would eventually make its way back to wash someone’s face. Eeewww! I sure hope they use bleach when they wash the linens. We checked out the next morning and found a different hotel, one that was not decorated in the 80s or smell of cigarette smoke. From now on, we will not trust anyone else to book rooms for us.

  7. That was so awesome in the worst way. My secret dream job is to be an investigative reporter. Wouldn’t that be so fun. And gross?

  8. I mentioned your post this evening when talking to my hubby. (He knows the names of all of the bloggers I read regularly, lol.) He reminded me of a time we visited a hotel in Indiana. Upon arriving, he ventured into the bathroom only to find a, um, floater waiting for him. Later, we went to use the fancy jacuzzi tub and we discovered suspicious hairs in it, and not just a few. Gross. We had to make a trip to Target for some bleach. I had to do some serious cleaning before I would even set my pinky toe in that tub. It was during that trip that I learned that an expensive room is not necessarily a clean room.

  9. Oh yuck! I won’t let my husband read this post! He doesn’t like hotels anyway and always makes comments about what might have not been cleaned! This would really GROSS him out and I am sure we would never stay in another hotel again! Think I will pack my own disposable cups though next time we do travel…and maybe some cleaning products! A shame to pay good money for lodging and then have to do your own cleaning and such! Blaaaah!

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