I like him. He’s my pastor. He’s my friend. He’s my man. He’s a good Dad.


Did I mention that he looks incredibly hot when he wears all black. After watching Walk the Line and being on a Johnny Cash kick, I insisted that he buy a nice black shirt. Boy, am I glad I did that. Best thing I ever made him do. Only problem is that sometimes I can get kinda sorta somewhat distracted in church.


But really, he’s just a regular guy who, like the rest of us, can look sort of wonke when he just wakes up, especially on a Monday morning.


What’s really different about him though is that he can forgive his wife for showing the world pictures of him from a Monday morning. Now, that’s really special and not run of the mill at all.

Did I mention that he’s a great Daddy?


And he’s funny too. And deadly handsome. Can you tell I’m doing penance for that Monday morning picture? And we’re not even Catholic so we don’t believe in penance. But, just in case, I’ll say it again… The Pastor is one handsome devil. Err… uh… not devil… I mean… ummm… Okay, shutting up now.

He has to upload them himself and he has lots of other stuff going on so he doesn’t get to load them up on a weekly basis, but he has several sermons online if you ever are in need of some listening material or if you happen to be home with sick kids on a Sunday and still want to get a sermon. And really, usually his sermons keep me so in tune that I can’t even be distracted by his hotness. But at least I’m the only woman who might possibly be allowed to be distracted from his sermon by his hotness. I mean, he would maybe find it in his heart to forgive me anyways. He’s wonderful like that.

3 thoughts on “The Pastor

  1. My husband is the worship minister at our church and I must say that, at times, I am also a bit distracted 🙂 There is just something about having my man lead me in worship of the Holy One that is, um attractive 🙂

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