Insomnia is not fun but what you can do with it can be fun! (Didn’t fall asleep until 2 a.m. this morning and am thinking it’s pretty likely that it will happen again tonight… so I’m staying up late rather than tossing and turning in bed.) Look! I started this, this morning and finished it tonight!

Can you believe it? Non-crafty Nan actually made this? The world must be spinning backwards. I wonder if I’m allowed to remove the Non-crafty prefix that I’ve always applied to myself?

On second thought… No. You see, I had the cutest idea this year to make sock monkeys for all of my boys for Christmas, and while I am going to follow through and complete them all even if it kills me, the first one, well…. let’s just say that the idea looked a lot better in my head… the poor discombobulated poly-filled primate looks like he was assembled by Pablo Picasso himself. And I don’t mean that as a compliment to my sense of art either. Very crooked I’m afraid. Oh well…. as my 7 year old reminded me today with words written on a cut out heart card that he had made, “Remember Mom, love is the best gift.” Remember… this is the child who recently wrote a poem entitled, “Feelings.” It was followed up by a super duper bear hug and a big wet and wonderful kiss.

That child slays me.

So Picasso monkeys made by me and given in love are better than perfectly aligned and proportioned monkeys made a in a sweat shop in Indonesia. Okay, so anything would probably be better than something made in a sweat shop in Indonesia… as far as my conscience is concerned anyways. Point being, I don’t think I’m quite ready to rescind that “non-crafty” prefix before my name just yet. Not until I can do something more than fumble my way around a sewing machine anyways.

11 thoughts on “Really, this is so much fun!

  1. Nan, I’m going to stick my neck out and ask what it is you’ve made there. Is it a pocket? It’s cute – but really non-crafty me is lost. I can’t even use a sewing machine, so you’ve got me beat there.

  2. LOL I guess I didn’t make that abundantly clear did I? :^D It’s just a little change purse. I was laughing at how asymmetrical it is. But I like it. It’s cute.

  3. Hi Nan – I love the little change purse. Where did you get the idea for it and how do you do the stitching on the edges? What materials are you using? Did you buy it as a kit or just put stuff together yourself? Ok..sorry to ask so many questions but they look so great I would love to make a couple for gifts if I can before Christmas!

  4. Hi Mama to 3. The change purse was super easy. I bought stiff felt from Michael’s for the pocket part and embroidery floss and embroidery needles for the stitching. I got regular felt for the appliqués as well as a bit of permanent fabric glue. All of it, I got at Michael’s Arts and Crafts. I made a template for the pocket with a piece of paper. Basically folded it almost like a paper airplane to the width that I thought appropriate for a change purse Then I just laid it on the stiff felt and cut around it. First I stitched the design on, then the snap closure (also from Michael’s one aisle over from the embroidery floss). Then I folded it how I wanted it and starting from the inside of one side used a blanket stitch around the edges, all the way around the top of the point and back down to the bottom of the opposite side.I would try to explain the blanket stitch if I had any real craft know how but I can’t explain it. You’d be better off Googling it. I’m betting you’ll get pictures to make it clear. One takes about 2 hours to make, start to finish (if you have no interruptions). :^D

  5. I’d say you’re pretty crafty. Oh, and I always have trouble falling asleep this time of year. Too many to do’s on my mind. P.S. Your 7-year old sounds like an amazing kid.

  6. Thanks Nan! You rock! Now I just have to try to make a trip to Michaels soon! It is a bit icy out there right now but I will hopefully make it this week! I am running out of time!!! Happy Holidays!Greta

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